Had Enough?

We had a neat New England Boiled Dinner over at Nancy’s tonight. Very delicious, and I suppose I ate too much as usual. We left about 20 past 9 on the new daylight savings time, and set our clocks ahead by an hour at home. Then I started checking out Josh Marshall again and got referred to Nancy Pelosi’s blast at Bush on the TPM Cafe.

I just got through reading Nancy Pelosi’s blast at President Bush, and then started reading the comments. Here’s a good one by an rlogan which I think says it all:

Declare the war over. Appropriate moneys strictly for demobilizing. Begin the discussion of reparitions for the war crimes we’ve committed. Impeach Cheney, Gonzales, and of course Bush. Prosecute them for the felonies they committed. Then start reversing the abridgements of the constitution, treaties, and human rights undertaken with this administration and congress. Finally, let’s mind our own damned business internationally and stop this self-perpetuating “War on whoever resists us.”

Of course, it won’t happen, but the pressure needs to be kept on and the media needs to be dragged along. There! There’s my blast for the evening.


  1. NK’s avatar

    I dont care what anyone says: I like Nancy and she’s doing a darn good job!


  2. Mardy’s avatar

    You can say that again. Nancy’s doing a darn good job!
    You can say that again.


  3. zgirl2’s avatar

    Ya! And I bet Pelosi can make a damn fine tasting boiled dinner, too!

    (That was a litte joke… get it? Nancy & Nancy? ha.)

    Let’s declare the war over. There. I’ve declared it.

  4. Mardy’s avatar

    Way to go, zgirl! The war’s over now! Good goin. Oh, have you told Bush — I mean Cheney — yet?


  5. zgirl2’s avatar

    Yeah, I sent him a “text message” the other day. I think he was in the hospital or something.


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