First Warm Day!

When I say warm, I mean it hit low 40s. I had my snowshoe walk up to the peak of Fessenden Hill and back and saw no animal tracks to speak of. I don’t speak of the odd squirrel track here and there. In a half-hour we’re going over to Cynthia’s sister Nancy’s for our Saturday night supper.

I have a new theme installed now called Giraffe2 by John Godley. Not sure at this point that I like it better than the xMark that I had previously. Hey, NK and zgirl2, how about voting? Thumbs up or thumbs down for this baby?

I gotta go,

  1. NK’s avatar

    You changed back didnt you? Either this or I cannot remember…In any case, in fear of deadlock, I leave it to zgirl to decide :-)


  2. Mardy’s avatar

    Jah, that’s right. With an odd number of votes there can’t be a deadlock. Well, I’ll wait and see what zgirl says. What if she can’t remember either? Well, in that case I’ll decide. Hey, I’m the decider!

    Actually, I kinda like this one, but the other one had more style and was aesthetically more pleasing to the eye? But this layout is more efficient perhaps. Well, I’m not sure. I can’t decide! zgirl??

  3. zgirl2’s avatar

    I like this one. And, I remember loving the other one, but I can’t remember what it looked like now!
    Change is good.

  4. Mardy’s avatar

    Good, zgirl, yup, change is goood. But I still have fond memories for the other one. Maybe I’ll put her back from time to time just so’s ya all can see the difference and have a better comparison. But for now it looks the the votes are in. This is the preferred blog “face”.

    /ms aka tog

  5. zgirl2’s avatar

    I could have sworn it was different when I was here 2 days ago.

  6. NK’s avatar

    I am having similar hallucination zgirl…It must be the effect of the new blog topic :-)


  7. Mardy’s avatar

    Jah, NK, that’s it I think. Just thinking about marijuana creates a problem! Gotta take a deep breath and clear yer head. Shake it around a bit. Then yer back to normal. Whew….



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