Haircut Day

It’s been about three months I think. Anyway, she still didn’t want to cut too much off because it’s still winter, she said. You know in Maine it’s believed men must wear their hair long in winter. It may be still winter but today at least it recovered from its spell of northern Siberian weather. I went out snowshoeing this afternoon in the heat of 30 degrees! Felt good for a change. Yesterday it was in single numbers with a howling wind, and I didn’t go out at all.

What else is new? Well, today I spent some time learning, or trying to learn, the basic basics of the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). There’s a great site HERE that has a ton of material on CSS.

  1. NK’s avatar

    That site is too technical for me :-)

    FUH right?


  2. Mardy’s avatar

    Right! Forget Uwe Hartmann! (See, I got that one!) BTW, I wonder where he is now? Who cares, huh? Where’s Len? Who’s Len? Who cares!?

    Well, time flies by….. Why not ask John what CSS stands for? He knew OOO, but does he know CSS?

    Thanks for the message!



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