Second Big Snowstorm in Progress!

Not satisfied with that wild Valentine’s Day blizzard, Mother Nature has unleashed another big one on us for the 2nd of March. It’s been snowing steadily since before 6am and is not predicted to taper off much before 7pm. The wind isn’t howling quite so badly as it did on the 14th but the old snow is sure a’coming down. And while this is going on I’ve been working on understanding things about this blog and adding things to it using suggestions from Lisa Sabin-Wilson, the creator of xMark 1.01 which I’m now using as the Theme for this WordPress 2.1.1 blog here. So, I keep busy as the snow piles up outside. I may go outside soon just to test the waters, I mean the snows!

Update: Per request of WordPress, I updated WP 2.1.1 to 2.1.2 for security reasons.

  1. Mardy’s avatar

    Well, the snow ended up not quite as deep as predicted. Maybe we have 6 to 8 inches out there rather than a foot or more. I’ll see soon when I go out to run the snow thrower and clear the driveway. (I’ll need to run the machine over to Kate’s too and give them a hand.) It’s fairly clear in the sky this morning too, unlike earlier predictions that it would keep snowing during Saturday. Will Nan (Cyn’s sister) come up today from Cape Elizabeth? She’s due to arrive here for the Saturday night sup.

  2. zgirl2’s avatar

    All that, and it’s a whopping 45 degrees today! Nice, it’s practically summah!

  3. zgirl2’s avatar

    What does “Not YET! When does the fat lady sing?” mean?

  4. Mardy’s avatar

    Well, it’s an old proverb I guess. When the fat lady sings it means success has finally been achieved. This blog will finally be perfect when the fat lady sings. But certainly that’s “not yet”! Nor may it ever be. Not sure how long I’ll use that silly title and comment, but it strikes me funny at the moment.

    I just Googled “when the fat lady sings” and here’s the first thing I got:
    The opera ain’t over till the fat lady sings
    So it comes from opera. But it’s applied to things other than opera.

  5. NK’s avatar

    There are cases, of course in real life not in the Opera, when the fat lady never sings! But it’s fun waiting and anticipating.



  6. Mardy’s avatar

    Jah, that’s true Nadeem. Success is not always achieved, in fact more often not. But one can hope at least. Although others would say “hope is not an option”. Ahh, life is difficult.

    Cheers anyway,

    ps. Thanks for helping out zgirl2 here with the other 50%!

  7. NK’s avatar

    I try…

    Spring is almost here in case you’re wondering!


  8. Mardy’s avatar

    Jah, tis over 40F now. Unprecedented! Now, I shall go out on my snowshoes and watch the snow melt.



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