Valentine’s Day Blizzard!

Here’s a picture of it taken by zgirl2 through her living room window:

Here’s a picture of me leaving zgirl2’s (real name Kate) in the middle of the storm. I had taken some Valentine’s Day cards and chockies, prepared by zMom, over to Kate and Don. I’m “being funny” standing in my snow shoe track and waving the poles.

Here’s a picture of Kate that I took the next day:

She was frustrated and tired because there was a lot more snow in her driveway than shown in this picture, especially near the street. Later I brought over our snow thrower and threw out much of the snow near the street and elsewhere, much to Kate and Don’s relief. Oh, and by the way, it was colderanallhell, you know into those single numbers with strong wind!

  1. NAK’s avatar


    Finally made it to your blog!!

    Doubled your readership just like that.



  2. zgirl2’s avatar

    Ooh boy i’ll tell you, that was a relief! OUR HERO!

  3. zgirl2’s avatar

    Oh, and you forgot to mention how COLD it was! Freezing and frigid wind, too!

  4. Mardy’s avatar

    Hey, atta go NAK! Nothing like a 100% increase in readership! Thanks, Boss!

    zgirl2, I added a sentence about the freaquing cold. It sure was, wasn’t it!

    And I approve these messages. I had 39 other messages which I checked as spam and they never got posted.


  5. zgirl2’s avatar

    Silly spammers! Don’t they have anything better to do than try and post on your blog? Jeepers.

  6. zgirl2’s avatar

    Oh, and welcome back other 50%! Missed your input here! :)

  7. NAK’s avatar

    Thanks Zgirl2.

    It must have been hard holding the fort on yor own.


    The Other 50%

  8. zgirl2’s avatar

    Yes it was! If we don’t post comments on this blog every few days, Zdad won’t every update it!

    Blog away Mardee!

  9. Mardy’s avatar

    OK, I’ve got the new version of WordPress, version 2.1.1, installed now. Turned out to be straightforward to do and I used the nice FTP client that Firefox has.

    I had to approve your comment, zgirl2, but I think from now on I won’t have to. This new version has a great spam catcher too!

    I’m starting to get into Permalink and Trackback stuff now and maybe I can suck more readership, including commentship, into this blog. I know it’s a wicked burden for you and NAK or NK to carry the load all by yerselfs! :-) 😛

  10. zgirl2’s avatar

    Cool! It’s working now.

    *new blog*
    *new blog*
    *new blog*
    *new blog*
    *new blog*

  11. Mardy’s avatar

    Way ta go, Kate! Whoooops, I mean zgirl2!

    I’m installing a fancy search “plugin” at the moment. Lotsa new things ta do with this new version. 😛 :-)

  12. zgirl2’s avatar

    Wow, looking good DAD!

  13. NK’s avatar


    We had a 4-way, 3 month birthday lunch today! Talked about you of course :-)



  14. Mardy’s avatar

    Hey, good NK! That’s the way! Talk about the Old Gay, whoops, I mean Guy, whoops I mean B******.

    Notice the new features here! See, you got number 1 in the comments list on the sidebar. Well, now it’ll be number two. That’s still OK. After all, you’re the other 50% !



  15. zgirl2’s avatar

    Wow, another new look!
    Very nice, I like it.


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