Deaths of the Father and the Son

They both happened in the cold of winter, the first part of February, my father on February 4, 1965, and my son on February 1, 2003. My father, Marden, was ready to turn 69 on Feb. 9th, and my son, Chris, had turned 46 on Jan.25. Thanks, zgirl, for the picture of Chris:

The only electronic copy I have of a picture of my father is the one of him in the Westford Academy class of 1913 where he has three girls to the left of him and three to the right. He’s standing at the top of the Academy steps in that class of seven.

I lit a candle in church on Sunday for my father because it was Feb. 4, but sad to say I forgot about Chris who had died three days earlier 38 years later. Both had heart attacks.

  1. zgirl2’s avatar

    Ok I’m now zgirl2.
    I forgot what I wanted to say, it’s been so long.

    Oh. You may have forgotten the anniversery of Chris’ passing, but I forgot the anniversery of Marden’s. So, don’t feel too bad.

    They’re not the happiest of memories to remember anyway.

    Ok, off to sleep for me. Goodnight.

  2. Mardy’s avatar

    Good, zgirl2! I thought it would work if you renamed yourself. I had to approve it just now under the Moderation page which, of course, as the Administrator, only I have access to. Bully for me!

    Yes, February is the unhappy month. Your grandfather, Marden, I know was looking forward to what would come out of yer Mommy. He sure would have been happy with you! But thems the breaks.

  3. zgirl2’s avatar

    Yes. Bully for you and da hell with the rest of them! Thems the breaks.

  4. Mardy’s avatar

    Well, zgirl2, today, February 9th, happens to be your grandfather Marden’s birthday. He’s 111 today. A lot of candles needed.


  5. zgirl2’s avatar

    Oh wowza! 111.. that’s a birthday worth celebrating! Happy ONE ONE ONE GRANDPA M!

  6. Mardy’s avatar

    Good, zgirl2, I think he gave a little smile down there in Westford’s Fairview Cemetary, or wherever. He always liked cake and I take after him. Plus, drawing three ones doesn’t happen that often. :-)


  7. zgirl2’s avatar

    Yep that’s true!

    Now, can you ask him to talk to the weather gods and have him make this frigid cold go away? That’d be great. Thanks. :)


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