My New Camera!

This one films things that move in the dark and emit infrared radiation. In other words, animals! That would include the human kind too. The camera is a NO FLASH Cuddeback digital jobbie and it came with a 256MB Compact Flash memory. The NO FLASH is a misnomer because it does flash, only it flashes invisible infrared. This is so the animals won’t be spooked. My first test wasn’t too successful. I got an empty picture of the veg garden and a couple pictures of me fiddling with the camera. But I understand it better now and hope to get at least a deer if not a pine*. The pine* has stopped visiting our woodshed for some reason. I had to buy a flash card reader to look at the pics because neither computer would recognize the camera when connected by a USB cable. It’s better anyway to just remove the flash card for viewing rather than the whole camera. :-)

* pine == porcupine :-)

  1. zgirl’s avatar

    Guess the pine knows what’s up!
    He’ll probably come back around again.

  2. Mardy’s avatar

    While I’m waitin for the pine to show again, I’m goin after deer. Got her set up on a tree out back where there’s a bunch a deer tracks nearby. We’ll see. (Just hope the batteries don’t freeze in this cold!)


  3. zgirl’s avatar

    Oh, wow, yeah, didn’t think of that (about the batteries)!
    Well, a deer is better than nuttin! Maybe you’ll even get a moose! Or a BEAR! OH, wait, no bears until April. Then , watch out!

    Remind me to take my new bird feeder down in April. I’m not in a hurry to see any bears up close and personal again.. For that matter, no Mooses either.

    A ‘Pine, though, I could see again.

    Can’t wait for spring! This deep cold is a bummer… Almost Feburary! That means March, April and then May, sweet May. Like a gift, it is.

  4. nash’s avatar

    Careful the pine might get’ya so watch out.

  5. Mardy’s avatar

    Yup, this deep cold’s a bummer, and we’re gettin a fresh super-cooled arctic air blast around Friday. I’m afraid the cold is affecting how the camera works.

    I got a picture of myself late Sunday about a half hour after I had screwed the camera into a tree, and when I took it down Monday morning and pulled out the card the picture looked overexposed, all white-ish with a loss of detail. (There were no other pictures on the card.)

    The pine’s friendly, nash. He wants to play. Well, I’m just kidding there. I think what the pine wants is to be left alone and to do whatever it is he wants to do. He’s quite the explorer too.


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