Today it’s ALL ABOUT ME !! :-) Yup, it’s my 78th birthday. Thanks, zgirl, for saying I should blog. (See comment 4 under “Sunday Morning” by Wallace Stevens) I got my trail camera today with infrared flash, triggered by heat and motion, for photographing animals. That’s a birthday present from me to me. Didn’t I say it’s all about me? And yesterday my new corkscrew came but it’s no better than the others we have in that it doesn’t seem to suck up the cork. Zgirl gave me a nice book of poems, one for each day, by Rumi, plus an unusual bottle of syrah wine and a great smelling bar of soap. Thanks zgirl! Cynthia gave me a number of things, a nice large over-shirt (is that what you’d call it?) which I’m wearing now, four cans of Port Clyde sardines (yummy), a can of nuts, a nice card, and what else? I can’t seem to remember at the moment but there were several and they were good. Nat gave me a call about 5:30pm and I had a nice chat with him. He just came back from Virginia where he and some others inspected a turbine on a ship. Clarissa sent me a great e-card, very funny, and I sent her a thank you note back. Also, my cousin Bruce Johnson left me a happy birthday message on the phone. This morning I thanked my e-mail group of classmates of 1946, each individually in one message, for wishing me happy birthday. And Nadim sent me a nice note which I answered. Oh, and Llanda too! So that’s it and now I feel stuffed because I probably ate too much! Cynthia made me a great carrot cake with frosting and three candles which I blew out in three puffs, one for each candle. I took a nap this afternoon and I whacked at the ice on our driveway and made much progress with Cynthia’s help too in clearing it. A snowstorm is predicted for Monday, Martin Luther King day. So, that’s my day!

  1. zgirl’s avatar

    HeY! Enough about ME! What about YOU!
    I’m all ready for the big snow storm tomorrow.. are YOU?

  2. Mardy’s avatar

    Some big snow storm, huh? Lotsa freezing rain, a couple inches of snow! JimBob must be really mad now. But maybe there’s enough to run the skiidos. Not sure if I’ll need snow shoes though.



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