Department of Funny Coincidences

Today, November 19, 2006, is my grandfather’s birthday. That’s Homer Marden Seavey and he’s 145 years old, or should we say, would be 145 years old. I thought I would light a candle for him today in church, it bein his BDay. Then I thought, as I was sitting there in the choir, how old would he be? And I figured the 145 years, since he was born in 1861, thinking I might mention that after I lit the candle. The first hymn was next which would be followed by the Candles of Sharing and Concern. The guest speaker said, “Our first hymn today is number 145 in the hymnal.”

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ……… what a funny coincidence!

  1. zgirl’s avatar

    Wow, that is funny!
    Happy Birthday Grandpa Seavey, where ever you are…….

  2. Mardy’s avatar

    Good, zgirl. Grandpa Seavey would appreciate that his great-grand-daughter remembered his birthday. Right, Gramps? Oh, btw, I’m sorry I bit you on the arm when I was three years old. But you know how wild those three year olds can be! Especially this one. Couldn’t keep that kid’s mouth shut at times! Anyway, I apologize.
    :-) :-( :-)

  3. Mardy’s avatar



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