Photos from Recent Trip

Okay, I’ve finally got all 68 of them uploaded to my Photo Albums directory. Go here for the Photo Albums directory. Then scroll down to the bottom and click on Trip NB NS 06. Should work :-)

Took me a while to remember how I did this before — I mean set up similar links and uploaded photos — but I finally figured it out. The memory is not what it used to be I guess. Not that it ever was that great lol :-) :-( he says with obligatory humility.

Happy viewing!

  1. zgirl’s avatar

    Can you make a “go-back” link from the group page back to your home page?

  2. zgirl’s avatar

    I mean, the group of NB NS photos.

  3. Mardy’s avatar

    There’s an up arrow in the upper left of the group of photos. If you hit that you’ll get to my Home Page, then you can click on blog to get back to the blog again.

    Or, if the up arrow takes you to the Photo Albums directory (it might depending on the history of how you got there), there’s a link to Home at the top.

    Hey, zgirl, this website’s got it all! And glad yer back dropping comments again.


  4. Annette’s avatar

    Hi Marde,
    Glad to see you are still sitting on benches. Just like Iona!! Beautiful trip!!

  5. Mardy’s avatar

    Hey, thanks, Annette! I appreciate your leaving a comment. Yes, the trip was great, if tiring at times for the old folks. That was quite a while ago that we were on the beautiful isle of Iona, eh?



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