Readership here?

NK brought up an interesting fact: it appears the readership on this blog is about two (2). There’s a zgirl and then there’s nk. Oh, and once in a while a nash appears.

So, I wuz just curious, are there any other readers too shy perhaps to leave a comment? It’s ok to leave a comment. You don’t have to give yer real name. And yer email address is not shown (although it’s required to post a comment). You could in fact put down any old email address, [email protected] would work in fact!

It’s simple. Just click on Comments and a form will appear for your name (enter any name), your email address (enter any email address), and a big space for leaving a comment, any comment! When yer done just click on Submit Comment. That’s it. :-) :-)

Oh, the only other requirement (I hope) is that yer a real person, other than zgirl, nk, or nash.


  1. NK’s avatar

    And the silence is deafening…


  2. Mardy’s avatar

    Jah, well, I got an email yesterday from a person who reads this blog quite a lot. She’s just too shy to post a comment and/or likes her privacy.

    Believe it or not by Mardé! :-)

    Jah, I know, the silence is deafening… lol :-(

  3. Mardy’s avatar

    Okay, nk, check the Old Gals comments. I got one from nash! How’s that? Now I have three readers who actually leave comments, and many more who just read but don’t leave comments! :-) :-) :-)

  4. Gram’s avatar

    I have been reading this Blog for a few months, checking weekly.I enjoy the reviews, poems and current event comments of all. I couldn’t sit still and let NK think it was not read by others.

  5. Mardy’s avatar

    Atta go, Gram! That’s telling him. See, nk, my readership is starting to appear now. They just need a little time, that’s all.

    Thanks, Gram, now I’ve got four (assuming zgirl hasn’t left).

    :-) :-) :-) :-)

  6. zgirl’s avatar

    Where would I go?

  7. Mardy’s avatar

    zgirl, I apologize for even thinking you might have left!

    Hey, nk, my readership is all here! Let’s see, now if I could only get John Faricelli and Thomas Savarino to drop comments, without p***ing them off in the process…..

    lol :-)

  8. NK’s avatar

    Man, my readership share is at an all-time low!!!

    Now maybe, just maybe, you’re making these comments up. How am I going to verify this? Who’s Gram any way?? An imaginary friend? :-)



  9. zgirl’s avatar

    HEY! I love the new “skin”!!

  10. Mardy’s avatar

    Naw, nk, Gram’s not imaginary. She even left her email address! Gram and I go back many, many years. In fact, I took her sister to the high school Senior Prom in 1946 — long before many here were born, eh?

    Hey, nk, my readership is really taking off! Check out Annette on the Photos from Recent Trip comments.

    Glad you like the new skin, zgirl! It won a prize. Check the About post.

    I gotta go,
    zDadzio aka Mardé aka Teeb

  11. Mardy’s avatar

    Well, here it ’tis October 24 and my readership seems to have fallen off again. Even NK hasn’t commented recently. I’d hoped the Ode to Nose poem might have stirred up a few, but it at least stimulated zgirl to write a poem on the same theme. Good for her.

    Holding yer nose, I suppose, is the way it goes? lol :-)


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