The Sky Over Berlin — movie

Another name for this German movie (in English) is “Wings of Desire”. Anyway, I think it’s a great and deep movie.

As the film begins you see Berlin from an aerial view in monochrome. Then you see a man way up on a high tower and it is his view that we are seeing. He is in another world, the world of the supernatural, of angels. He is dressed in a conventional overcoat, looks totally human. Then we see another angel. They are back on earth sitting in a car. The two are comparing notes. Their job is listening to the voices of people, consoling the troubled, the disturbed, the sick, unbeknownst of course to the person being consoled — or are they somehow a part of the person’s feeling?

Later one of the angels falls in love with a beautiful trapese artist and decides he’s had enough of being an angel. He wishes to become mortal. This takes place. The other angel helps but does not cross over. The real world is shown in color; the world as the angels see it is in monochrome.

Peter Falk is in the movie, lending it a touch of folksy humor and reality. Turns out though that he was once an angel. He helps the angel who wants to become mortal.

There is much beauty in the film. Many touching scenes. Great and mysterious music. Even the rock star Nick Cave appears. But the haunting music, as though of a million voices blending in a never ending quest for reality in the world, really got to me.

The poetry was written by Peter Handke and the film was directed by Wim Wenders.

Check out the reviews.
Do a google on “Wings of Desire” Ebert, for example.

– Mardé

PS. I got my dvd through Netflix.

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  1. Mardy’s avatar

    I watched it again for the umpteenth time last Sunday with Chet Gillingham. The mystery and the music and the beauty got to me again, even though as a cynic I could say it’s corny.

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