Way to go, NK!

This, from Reuters this morning:

VIENNA (Reuters) – Natascha Kampusch, an Austrian girl who had been held captive for eight years, escaped from her abductor when he took a phone call while she was vacuuming his car, Austrian police said on Friday.

The end of Kampusch’s eight-year ordeal has transfixed the nation [of Austria] and left police scrambling to fill in the blanks.

Kampusch, who was abducted as a 10-year old on her way to school, spent the past eight years in a small, windowless cell underneath a garage in the house of 44-year-old Wolfgang Priklopil in a commuter town near Vienna.

Her abductor committed suicide shortly after she escaped on Wednesday.

Know any Wolfgangs, nk? Oh, wait a minute, wrong nk! BTW: How do you say “Priklopil”?

Mahdey :-)

  1. NK’s avatar

    What a story!

    Commuter town near Vienna…Hmmm.. Maybe a neighbor of Martin? or a neighbor of SS?

    /the other nk

  2. Mardy’s avatar

    Jah, that sounds about right, other nk! A neighbor of the great one, SS, or it could be a neighbor of Martin Thurner, het sahma, het salma. Remember that expression? I don’t have it right, I’m sure. Ask John?

    Incidentally, SS has a certain ring to it, doesn’t it? (To the uninitiated, SS really stands for Siegfried Selberherr, the Great, not the Hitler storm troops, lol).

    At least the guy threw himself under a train after she escaped. So, they have PBs in Austria too. lol :-)

    I gotta go,
    — seev :-)


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