The Yellow Ribbon Road

No, this isn’t the road to Iraq. It’s the trail to my Lookout Ledge on Fessenden Hill in the town of Denmark, Maine. Here’s a picture of my Lookout Ledge three years ago. It looks about the same now.
Lookout Ledge
Today I put on my “BuzzOff” clothes and headed up my trail across the street. As I neared the final trail to the peak of Fessenden Hill I spied a large yellow ribbon attached to a tree branch. Curious, I thought. Then a bit further along there was another one, and then another one, each following the path I normally take and known only to me…. But wait! Someone else knows my path. zgirl! So, I bet what happened is that zgirl took her house guests, Dwight and Saeed, on an excursion to the Lookout Ledge, and they marked the trail most of the way. What fun! Now others may be able to find my scenic Lookout Ledge. Once they get started right they can just follow the Yellow Ribbon Road! (Oh, btw, who said it was my Lookout Ledge? Well, that’s just me! I have no idea who really owns the land, and the ledge. lol)

  1. zgirl’s avatar

    Cool story Dad, but nope, it wasn’t us!
    Our sorry behinds didn’t get much further than the driveway!

    Hoo could it be?
    Who? Who?

    Maybe it was the owl, the one that owns the ledge?

  2. Mardy’s avatar

    hmmmmm the owl that owns the ledge. spooky. But it followed my trail almost all the way. Hoo could be tracking me? The Camerons had visitors, probably family, over the Mem-Day weekend. Maybe one of them? Or, maybe someone with the Berubes down the street near Doc Doyle’s place. Strange that the ribbons were yellow. At least whoever did it must have realized — well, maybe they did — that red, orange and even blue are commonly used for serious markings of one sort or another. So, they used yellow to be in a more humerous vein?

    Somebody visiting the Wrights? Maybe the Rhodes? It would most likely be somebody that knew the place somewhat, but not necessarily I suppose. A remaining mystery! I feel I need to know hoo did it!


  3. zgirl’s avatar

    Yea, it’s a mystery all right..
    Perhaps the bear we spotted on the hill a couple of weeks ago?
    I mean, I’m just grabbing at straws, here…

  4. Mardy’s avatar

    Yes, it would be a pretty smart bear, huh? Maybe a turkey even? I mean a real turkey. (There are plenty of human turkeys, mostly male.) For the size of their pea-brains, turkeys aren’t so dumb. Of course, they’re not all that smart either.

    I spotted Lenny outside the other day working on his plants and had a nice chat with him until the flies drove me away. But I sincerely doubt that he would have gone up into the woods planting yellow ribbons on my trail!

    The mystery remains. Maybe a spammer did it! :-)

  5. zgirl’s avatar

    I was wondering what was up with Lenny..haven’t seen him around his compound for awhile! Yes, I doubt it was him, either. Hmm. Well, who knows? It is gnawing at me, though. Who? Who?

    Haven’t seen too many turkeys much lately, either. Yesterday morning I saw one lonely guy walking around our back yard, but that was it. Used to be that we’d see a dozen or so at a time! Last year, we saw the Hen, Tom and 12 babies running around every other day. They’ve all gone off to big and better places…or, more likely, some Maine hunter’s freezer. Ha.

  6. nash’s avatar

    I’m the Turkey.

  7. Mardy’s avatar

    Nash, YOU’RE the Turkey? Well, that’s amazing. Mystery solved.

    So how did you attach the yellow ribbons? Like the Aflac duck?

  8. Mardé’s avatar

    Here it is three years later. Did I say what happened to the yellow ribbons? No, I didn’t. Well, some weeks later probably in June 2003 I removed them all! But I saved one and hung it on a branch of a toppled over tree. This tree was not on my path. It’s still there as of the last time I looked, probably last fall sometime. If whoever is looking for his missing yellow ribbons he can find one there.


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