Talon Robot

Here’s some pictures of the Talon Robot that Nat (that’s nash to the officionados) has been working on at Foster-Miller. I believe he is the technical project leader?
And here’s a link to a recent story in the Boston Herald about the device and its usefulness in Iraq:
Talon Story in Boston Herald
Thanks for the link, nash.
Oh, and here’s a more technical description right from Foster-Miller, a QinetiQ company:

  1. nash’s avatar

    This project really helps pass the time. Just thought I’d show you all what I’ve been doing down in Waltham. These buggers can really pack a punch if you feed them lots of nutrients.

  2. zgirl’s avatar

    Pretty amazing stuff nash.

    Do they like fruit?
    Cause I can hook you up with some bruised tomatos.

  3. nash’s avatar

    Yes, we give them a mix of stuff of which tomatos are one!!

  4. zgirl’s avatar

    Excellent. I send you a case through UPS.

  5. Mardy’s avatar

    Maybe they’d play catch with them? That’d be something to see! But hey, even Talons gotta have fun? A little relaxation after disassembling roadside bombs. whew….

  6. zgirl’s avatar

    lol dad.
    how’s the hamstring?
    feelin’ any better?

  7. Mardy’s avatar

    Yes, the hamstring is gettin better, slowly. But it’s definitely less painful now. For awhile there it hurt to even sit in my chair in front of this screen. Never again will I ask Scottie to beam me up….

  8. zgirl’s avatar

    Glad yer feeling better Pops.

    You going to the open mic tonight?
    We’ve got a gig at Bray’s.

    See ya tomorrow?


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