How I Pulled A Hamstring

See me standing in the circle in the middle of the hexagonal garden plot? Well, it’s not a garden yet, but zgirl and her mate are planning to make it into one. Anyway, I had an audience and felt like being beamed up. “Beam me up Scotty!” So, I pretended I was getting energized by the gigantic force field coming down into that circle. I started jumping rigidly up and down at a great rate. That’s when I broke the hamstring. The nurse said, “Use cold packs three times a day for about twenty minutes each.” Okay. Well, maybe it’s a little better. It happened a week ago Sunday, on Palm Sunday to be exact, after we came back from church where Cynthia had given her sermon (see below) and where I recited the first part of T. S. Eliot’s First Quartet. Fitting, eh wot?

  1. zgirl’s avatar that’s what a pulled hamstring looks like!

    So, now you can feel like a pro baseball player, who, I believe, pull hamstrings all the time.

    Yes. Ham. Strings. Easter. Scotty. Beam Me Up.
    There IS a joke in there, somewhere…

    Maybe you can buy a brand new HamString on EBay? Avoid this malady the next time you decide to jump around in my hexagon?
    (Hope it heals soon).

  2. Mardy’s avatar

    Thanks, zgirl! Yes, did I have HAM on Easter after breaking its STRING on Palm Sunday? I shoulda checked Ebay right away before all the HAMSTRINGs were sold for Easter. Now I’m just hopin my STRING will rebuild itself on my leg’s HAM before next Easter! But no more tryin to beam myself up from the center of your hexagonical garden. Well, Bush is replacing Scottie anyway. Not that I really wanted to go THERE!

    Oh, isn’t this just too clever for words? You were right: there was a joke in there somewhere. :-) :-)

    I gotta go,

  3. zgirl’s avatar

    Ah Ha Ha. You funny.

  4. nash’s avatar

    Hey dad, hope your hurt hammy heals soon so you can hop home again.

    Check this story in the Herald about Talon:



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