Yet Another Well!

About 200 feet down from the Town Farm well, there is another well. Cynthia and I cleaned this out/up this morning. You see the sand in it, mainly from the street we think. There’s a trench cut in the far end of it to let water out, assuming there is water. But at one time there surely was. An old barb wire is around part of it, possibly to keep the animals out — but why not let the animals drink? Mysteries!
Second Well
Well, speaking of wells, it’s hard to see where the near edge is. A tree shadow falls right at that edge. Next thing I want to try is to dig down in the middle and see if I strike …….. oil!!! Well, seriously, not oil but water. Maybe there’s an underground spring there? Or maybe not.

  1. Mardy’s avatar

    Hey! I struck water! Didn’t take long. Just a shovel full and there it was, bubbling up from underneath. So now there’s a shovel-sized hole filled with water about eight inches down from the level sand.

  2. zgirl’s avatar

    wow cool! I can’t wait to come over and see it fer meself!


  3. zgirl’s avatar

    No, I did not post at 12:39 am on March 31. I posted at 11:39 pm on March 30.

    Somebody needs to set his computer clock to the right hour..

  4. Mardy’s avatar

    What time is it? Good question, zgirl.

    The time is set in WordPress. I just changed it to make it agree with our clocks.

    When standard time came, I forgot to change it.

    Now, when we set our clocks ahead on Saturday, I’ll have to change it again in WordPress.

    Just can’t keep up with this thing called Time!

  5. zgirl’s avatar

    yeah, i realized that later. I mean, that the time change thing is happening again, like tomorrow night. aha.

    what is wordpress? is that the host of this blog? I guess.
    ok. gotta go.
    to work. soon.

  6. Mardy’s avatar

    WordPress is the blog thing that runs on the host, called SiteSpinner V2. WordPress had an update nicknamed “Duke” after Duke Ellington, but I couldn’t get it to work well and it had a lot of bugs I was told, so I reverted to the original version.

    Great to meet Dick Hook at Food City. A guy older than me! Hey, old timers shop at Food City! Also, one of the cashier girls gave me a ticket to punch once a week and maybe win a prize! Gets me comin back in, huh?


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