Town Farm Well

In the ancient days in the town of Denmark, there once was a well. It was a small well but exuded sweet water. The poor people working at the Town Farm up the road loved the well. It had its own windmill and it loved to pump water up the side of the hill to the Town Farm. It was a happy little well in those days and its windmill was always busy, when there was wind.

Now there are only vestiges, which happen to be on our land beside our driveway, of what once was a flourishing and lovely little well and windmill. So yesterday in a flurry of inspiration with my clippers and saw I cleared the briars, weeds and small trees around the well and exposed it to the light once again. Cynthia today cleared more with a metal rake.

The Well

Doesn’t look like much, huh? Hey, it’s been dead for 75 years, what do you expect? It’s filled with sand now, washed down from the street over the years. The sand knocked in part of the wall. Only the frame that once was part of the windmill remains. Boo Hoo Hoo! What should we do? Could we fix it up?

  1. zgirl’s avatar

    What ARE you going to do?

  2. Mardy’s avatar

    I wish I knew. Boo hoo hoo.

    Well, I have been cleaning more brush and weeds out in a wider circle around it. And yesterday I started shoveling sand out of the well. That’ll take awhile. It’s slow work, especially for 77-me.

    The stump of a tree nearby has part of the vanes stuck in it and I might be able to dig that out too. Here’s a picture of that:
    What a mess, huh? Well, it tells you how long those windmill vanes have been lying there. That big tree had to grow up around it and push away or swallow up some of the vanes. I’d like to be able to dig this thing out.

  3. NK’s avatar

    Hey Boss,

    You added a new topic to the gob^! Excellent…

    I say go for a full restoration project… Should be real nice to have a functioning well again.

    Where I came from wells were special places: Lots of stories around them: fights, special encounters, etc.
    Of course most of them are dry now.



    ^Good Old Blog

  4. Mardy’s avatar

    Hey! Thanks for the comment, Boss! Yes, I bet there were some emotions (and blood?) spilled over wells where you came from. Lots of stories, right? I bet this little well has some stories too. I wonder what they were? We’ll probably never know. Well, I shoveled some more well sand out today. Probably take me another decade or two. Hey, c’mon up! Your plot (500X500) is nearby the well! Good source of free water (once it’s restored).



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