Duke not here yet

They — at my web host, SimpleHost — are trying to install the latest and greatest WordPress release, called the Duke release after Duke Ellington, for me. But it didn’t work the first time. Hopefully, when life begins again tomorrow, January 3, 2006, they’ll get the bugs worked out and I’ll have the upgrade in place, WordPress 2.0.

  1. zgirl’s avatar

    The Duke!

    Has it been de-bugged yet?

    Did they try Lysol?

  2. Mardy’s avatar

    Yes, they sprayed it with Lysol, and now it works. Trouble is, I’ve got a lot of work — it starts from “Hello World!” lol? ha ha? At least this one still works, independently of The Duke.


  3. zgirl’s avatar

    Hey, today (Jan. 12th) is zDad’s birthday!
    He’s 77. But he still thinks like a 47 year old, by golly!

  4. Mardy’s avatar

    Thanks, zgirl. Yup, let’s hope I still think like a 47 year old. Thirty years is a long time. Had a nice party tonight. Thanks for the nifty presents, zgirl! Really!

    I gotta go,
    I’m getting olderanseventyseven as we speak! Tomorrow I’ll be 77 plus one day!

  5. NK’s avatar

    I hear double seven will be a Great Year! Wasnt Verdi older when he wrote his last Opera?? The Fat Lady did not sing yet :-)


  6. Mardy’s avatar

    HEY! That’s right, NK. The Fat Lady hasn’t sung. I’m not holdin my breath waitin, I’ll say that. Yes! Verdi was older than me even, I think, when he wrote his last opera! So, there’s hope for me yet — but maybe not the Fat Lady Singing, lol!

    Guess what? I’ve got yet another BLOG!!

  7. zgirl’s avatar

    Hey, do you have to sign up to use the new blog?

  8. NK’s avatar

    Zgirl: No sign up required. I just tried it.

    Hey Seev: Building quite a collection. What’s the goal: 30 blogs by the end of winter?



  9. Mardy’s avatar

    Hey, that’s an idea! 30 blogs by end of winter! You know, the blogspot stuff can be run as shared blogs, so, if you want to join up maybe we could all blog together on one blog? Bloggity blog blog blog!

    Check it out?

    Cheers, but I gotta go now,

  10. nash’s avatar

    blog up!

  11. zgirl’s avatar

    Last night, I tried to sign up to the Blogspot, but for some reason, it’s not going on to the next steps. It might be that we are still mac system 9 on this computer..maybe.

    arg, I’m feeling so out-dated on the computer!

  12. Mardy’s avatar

    When do you think you’ll be getting your Mac System 10?

  13. zgirl’s avatar

    I hope we can swing it within the month…depends on the $ situation, NATCH!
    p.s. Can’t wait! It will rock.


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