We’re Singin’ Tonight!

Concert at the Norway UU church in Norway, Maine. Begins at 7pm. One of the things we’re doing invokes the solstice. Here are the words:

Turning, turning, spirits yearning,
Reaching for the night.
Colors going, shadows growing,
Darkening the light.
Ancient story told. Renewed with the cold.
Mystery of light.
Burnt into the night!

And it goes round and round then turns into a round. I’ll be starting it off! A solo for me!! Oh, by the way, it’s by Linda Hirschhorn, words and music. It’s fun and exciitng to do! Now y’all show up, d’ya hear?!

  1. NK’s avatar

    So how did it go? The crowd went wild after your solo? Did you record it?

    Merry Christmas,


  2. Mardy’s avatar

    Hey, thanks for asking, nk. Well, I have to admit I was not in good voice. Nobody left though, that’s at least something. The church sexton (that’s like, say, janitor?) counted 66 people in attendance. Amazing! Not sure why they all came or where they all came from. Perhaps they saw my request here? LOL!

    The service itself was a bit experimental but I think most people enjoyed it. At the close we formed a gigantic ring (of 66 people) around the sanctuary and each person held a candle. The candles were lit, chain-wise, starting from the chalice up front with each person lighting her or his neighbor’s candle and proceding down the separate sides of the ring. It was awe-inspiring when everyone had their candle lit and the sanctuary lights were dimmed, by that sexton again.

    Guess what we sang at that point? Why, of course, it ’twas that old favorite Silent Night. Many people, including me, didn’t know the words to all the verses, but we sang them anyway. Don’t ask how! LOL Anyway, the entire service including the closing part was fun, that was the main thing, right?

  3. zgirl’s avatar

    Yes, and there was Joy in spirit.

  4. Mardy’s avatar

    Yes, one could dream that Joy herself — that’s the little person whose name was the Rev Joy Gasta — was there hovering around in spirit and pleased with the service, thinking to herself, “Gee, I wish I could have gotten all those people to show during one of my Xmas eve services. Oh well. It matters not now…. over and out.”


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