Hey! It’s the Winter Solstice!

Just found out it’s today at 1:35pm. Pretty good, huh? So what do we do to celebrate it? We still got time; it’s only about 10:55am now. Any ideas? Ok, now, you can put your ideas in the comments. I’m waiting with baited breath!

  1. Mardy’s avatar

    Oh oh, I noticed that it says 11:55am on the posting. Guess I forgot to install daylight saving time, or uninstall it. Anyway, just subtract an hour from what the time says on this blog.

    Ok, here’s a celebration picture:

    Winter Solstice

  2. 2e’s avatar

    I don’t understand what that Brown thing is in your Solstice picture? Is it a bear carrying a ski-pole upside down?
    Terry and I are celebrating with our feet up and our laptops in our laps in front of our nice new wood stove. :-) It’s very nice to have the ‘glass’ door so we can see the fire.

  3. M.Capellas’s avatar

    2e, What did your comment mean regarding TUK and TKW?

  4. Mardy’s avatar

    Do you know M. Capellas, 2e?? Do you know what she (or he) means by TUK and TKW? Beats me.

    Also, I’m mystified by the image I put into Comment #1 too. Yer right! It looks like a bear carrying an upside-down ski pole!! I’ll have to research this and see what the haek it’s all about. Guess I could have found something a little less mysterious. But then the Winter Solstice does have its roots in the distance mysteries of prehistory?

    Oh, and your nice new woodstove (pic with your Xmas letter) must create coziness, indeed!

  5. zgirl’s avatar

    At first I thought it was a raccoon tail, with a Dream Weaver on top.
    Or, it might be an eagle’s feather, with a Dream Weaver on top.
    Sort of like an American Indian thing. That’s how I see it.

    Though why these things are hanging from a tree top in the middle of nowhere is beyond me.

    And what it has to do with Winter Solstice….
    Ah, the mysteries.

  6. 2e’s avatar

    Where did I make a comment about TUK and TKW and what business is it of yours, M. Capellas? Didn’t you do enough damage by yoking Compaq with Carly’s HP? Humph and then HPQ laid off my own precious Terry. Gadzooks! You should be in a rogues gallery right next to B. Palmer and the Shrub! …..Grrrrrr.

  7. Mardy’s avatar

    That’s tellin him, 2e! I had forgotten who M. Capellas was — it’s been so long ago now. But you hit the nail on the head. And would you believe Ken Olson is here too?? See Ken.

    He even put his picture in. Amazing!

    (Hope he invites me up to his estate on Lake Winnipesaukee!)

  8. 2e’s avatar

    Ayup. I’m really glad to hear that Ken is OK. He really got ambushed by that Palmer character – Sort of like the rest of us have gotten ambushed by the Shrub! :-(
    Oh well – gotta keep the ole blood pressure down!

    Merry Christmas y’all!
    2e-stuffed with cashews and chocolates!


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