Heating Problems Fixed!

Finally, on Tuesday the 6th, I called McBurnie Oil. Literally no heat down here on the ground floor. Upstairs, hot water runs out, then 12 hours to recover. So, over comes Norm himself! He’s in charge of all the technicians, the big boss. After first thinking it was the water pump, he realized it was really the controller, as he proved by showing input to controller was fine but output to pump was nil. This gave him a chance to install one of the eight new Honeywell Oil Electronic Aquastat® Controllers that he had recently purchased. It’s an L7224U jobby with neat digital readout. It provides electronic temperature sensing with a single sensing probe, and through an LED display provides status and diagnostic information. It’s set now between 170°F and 190°F; on at 170°F, off at 190°F. So far, seems to work like a charm. Cynthia took one of her trademark baths, and still there was plenty of hot water for me to take a shower. The thermostats in the rooms now track perfectly and pretty quickly. The only downside is that we’re using a lot of oil for a change. LOL Let’s hope this continues to work like this — only a little over two days have elapsed. But so far it seems great!

  1. zgirl’s avatar

    Wow that’s a relief. Now when you say Norm, do you mean Norm McBurnie? What a relief to have heat. Otherwise, you could be like Don & me and just burn wood all the time. That’s what we’ve been doing, so far, no gas. Well, one morning, it came on upstairs, as the temp in the room had gone below 60.

    I’ve heard good things about that there L7224U, though. We were talking about them just last week at work. It’s proven to blow the L7224T away, especially in the LED diagnostic analysis department. Yup.

    Trademark baths, indeed.

  2. Mardy’s avatar

    Hey, nash! zgirl knows about L7224U controllers. Whaddaya think? Need a good electronics tech person, good with people too, down there, or as a contractor to cover Foster-Miller installations up here? She knows LED diagnosis too. (That’s L722 for You too.)

    Gotta git going — zMommy needs butter,
    Snowin like all git out now,

  3. Mardy’s avatar

    Here’s a picture of the L7224U controller:

    The cover is off and you can see it’s attached to the side of the burner in red. The little gray rectangle in the middle displays the temperature but too bad the camera didn’t catch the numbers. I tried three times to no avail. Anyway, that gives you an idea of the compact electronics in the little bugger. Pretty neat, huh? Still working too!

  4. zgirl’s avatar

    Oh ya. That’s the model with the new LED display digital camera inhibitor. They developed those for internet-savy blogging grandpas with lots of time on there hands. Pretty amazing what they can do with those little controllers these days, isn’t it?

    I’m sure this may be way out Nash’s engineering league, though I could easily be proven wrong.

    But I doubt it.

  5. zgirl’s avatar

    By the way, Dad, my L7224U controller technician days are long over.
    I got in way too much trouble with the wire availability.
    Don’t ask.

  6. Mardy’s avatar

    That’s ok, zgirl. You did yer best. Hard to keep track of all those wires, that’s for sure. Easy to get um crossed, I would think.


  7. nash’s avatar

    Does it have a duofolator valve? How about a ramshackle housing? Just currious.

  8. Mardy’s avatar

    Good questions, Nash. I looked up “valves, duofolator” in the index of the users’ manual, and it said “see flotation problems”. I went there and it said “…in case of flood be sure your device’s duofolator valve is set to ON.” I guess that’s to prevent it floating away? Oh yeah, it said that “… the ramshackle housing is useful in case of earthquakes.” Well, I hope none of those things happen. So far, it’s running just fine! Thanks, nash.

  9. tihopilik’s avatar


    I can’t be bothered with anything these days, but shrug. I just don’t have anything to say recently.


  10. Mardé’s avatar

    Then you can’t fix my heating problems, Tihopilik?


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