Rabbit Fur Hat

While down near JimBob’s getting muh haircut from the down-home pure-Maine funky little barber lady, she mentioned disppointment in trying to get a certain present. When I asked her what it might be, she offered that it twas a rabbit fur hat with ear flaps that can be buttoned under the chin. She said it would be used for protection when doing annual winter snowmobiling, especially across wind-swept Moose pond. She wanted to get it before Christmas but wasn’t sure it would arrive on time because I guess they had to restock or somethin. Well, this got me thinkin’…. I wouldn’t mind having one of those suckers muhself. Sounds real nice and warm, for sure. A Google search right away brought up RussianLegacy.com and this neat pic:
Rabbit Fur Hat
They say it has ear flaps too, and is designed after the traditional Soviet Army winter hat, perfect for protecting from wicked cold Siberian winds and snowstorms. So, what the heack, I ordered one, thinking, Hey, maybe I’ll get it before Xmas 2006. But wouldjabelieve they sent me an email saying it’s being shipped USPS priority mail from their Wake Forest, NC, sort facility. It didn’t have to come from someplace like Minsk, Russia, after all. Maybe I’ll get it this week. Yippeee. The reviews of it on the site are all positive (of course).

  1. NK’s avatar

    Hey what’s gotten into you?? I cannot keep up with this blog anymore. Did you change medication or something? :-)

    Way to go,


  2. Mardy’s avatar

    Jah, I’ve got a new medication called Tapazole. I think that’s the name. Jah, that’s it. It’s an anti-thyroid medication that my endocrinologist, Dr. Stephen Babirak prescribed for me.

    HOWEVER, my doc, Lisa Kleinert (age about 35 maybe) says there’s nothing much wrong with me. My hyperthyroidism is very mild. She doesn’t want (need?) to see me again til next summer. See my topic below on the state of my health. lol

    Now I really gotta go,

  3. nash’s avatar

    Hey OG, I seem to remember getting you (I think it was me) one of those hats for Christmas like 15 years ago…I suspect that if you look “under the eaves” you may find a hat very similar to the one you just purchased. I even remember there being a picture of you wearing it. Check out the picture collagh (sp) ZGIRL made next to the basement door…

    If you do have another one, then you will have two. You could wear them both at the same time :) weeeeee…

  4. Mardy’s avatar

    My golly gosh! I think yer right. I remember that now. Say, isn’t Kate wearing a hat like that currently?? Maybe we could give one to Bunky? hmmmmmmm

    Well, today the Russian hat came in the mail. Howzat for fast delivery? Only trouble, it’s too tight! How can that be, at 7 3/4 inches, XL? Well, I sent them an email and they’ll exchange it for the next size up, 7 7/8 or 63 cm. If that’s still too small, I quit. I’ll try Bunky on for size.

    I checked eBay this afternoon and they have them there, also somewhat cheaper. Ripped off again! How about Overstocke, nash? (Looks like I need you around here.)

    Gotta go eat now,
    zDad, fur-hat-crazy!

  5. zgirl’s avatar

    Yeah, I like those hats too. They have some for sale at Reny’s, but I don’t reccomend them..they seem to shed.

    I really gotta go.

  6. nash’s avatar

    I think Bunky is too big. He may squash your head too.

  7. Mardy’s avatar

    Jah, Bunky would be too big. Especially in the woods, some hunter might pick him off, then my head would get cold?


    They’re going to send me a size 64 now! (about 8 inches)

    Yer Mommy looked for the fur hat I used to have but couldn’t find it. I think I gave it to someone because it was too small for my enlarged skull.

    Really gotta go,

  8. Bunky’s avatar

    I don’t need that hat. I’ve got plenty of fur to keep me warm. And besides, I don’t go outside in this weather! Are you Crazy?

    I would, however, like to eat a rabbit.


  9. Mardy’s avatar

    Gee, Bunky, I don’t know. Those rabbits move pretty fast you know. I’ve seen their tracks up thar in the woods but never a rabbit. I think yer Mommy has seen them though. Ask her to toss you out into the snow behind your house. Then head downhill — you could test your speed against a rabbit’s. Think you could pull that off, Bunk? Remember, you said you’d like to eat one. How about it?

  10. Mardy’s avatar

    Thanks, Clariss, for your comment in “About”! Glad you like the site. (What a sight!) And you too remembered that I got a fur hat from Nat one year. Yer Mommy went looking for it but could not find it. I think I vaguely remember that it was a bit tight on my enlarged water-on-brain skull, and I think I — horrors — gave it to somebody? But maybe my memory is playing tricks on me. Anyway, we haven’t been able to find it.

    I ordered the size 64 Soviet Army Fur Hat to replace the size 62. It hasn’t arrived yet but I expect it before Christmas. Yippee! They had to put in a special order back in Minsk, or wherever they make Soviet Winter hats these days over in Rrrrusssia.

    I gotta go,
    zDadzio with da big head

  11. Clarissa’s avatar

    Thanks for the reply to my post! I recall that perhaps NYE got yer hat, once you discovered it was too big. I remember an X-mas photo with him wearing it, looking like Lurch….I’ve been at work way too late getting ready for a telephone conference tomorrow at 9am. Now I gotta go finish my X-mas shopping :-O See you Saturday early afternoon; I’ll have the Nickster in tow.


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