Latest on my Health: a Statistic?

Hey, I saw Lisa this morning. She’s my doc at the Bridgton, Maine, Interal Medicine department. She quickly went through my records: a new med called tapazole, bp today 136/60 with 56 pulse, not much else of interest. Oh yes, the usual Atrial Fib, so what’s to worry? Coumadin working out fine. Hyperthyroid condition very mild. Don’t need cardiologist. Many people my age (what is it? 10% or so?) get AFib, no big deal. Hey, you’re in great condition, she says to me — for a man your age. LOL Yup, I’m statistically right in the middle of the heap I guess. What? Me worry?

I gotta go,

  1. Mardy’s avatar

    Well, I guess when yer almost 77 they figure, what the heck, why bother testing, by the time they figure out what ailment the poor bugger may have, he (or she) may have already croaked anyway! lol Joke’s on me?

    I gotta go, before it’s too late,

  2. nash’s avatar

    Hey OG, remember how I said before that we need you around to pay the bills? Someones gotta run the show you know…;)

  3. Mardy’s avatar

    Gee, yer right, Nash. Forgot about that. Someone’s gotta run the show before I gotta go I guess. A lotta Gs there. Golly Gosh!

    Jah, I’ll stick around for a while. I think I’ll get a second opinion on my health status. If two docs think I’m just great healthwise then I must be? huh?

    I gotta go,
    Thanks Nash,

  4. nash’s avatar

    Great! Good going ‘G! Gonna go ga ga by gulping gallons of glasses of Guiness by golly gosh.

  5. Mardy’s avatar

    That’s it, nash, gallons of glasses of Guinness by golly gosh — but that would wash the old guy away I’m afraid! And I gotta be around ta pay da bills!


  6. zgirl’s avatar

    Good God.

    You’ve all gone MAD!


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