COLLAPSE – book I’m reading!

Hey, this is quite a book. Fascinating! It’s about how civilizations collapse, hence the title. And it’s first chapter is on Montana, the state of Montana. What an eye-opener! It’s pretty dense reading but clear. Check out what people on Amazon say about it. Here’s my review printed on Amazon:
My Review

Oh, and the author is Jared Diamond; the book has 575 pages including index.


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    I’m teelin ya. This is a great book. Not that hard to read either. I’m on the chapter on Easter Island now. What a tragedy! When it was first settled by Polynesians it was literally an island paradise — palm trees over 200 feet high, lotsa animals, fish, birds, perfect weather. Then it happened, slow destruction by mankind. All because of religion! Immense stone statues, 50 to 200 tons, all moved by human power and ropes and boards from the great trees. Eventually everything was used up and cannibalism ensued. Tragic!

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    The key sentence being, of course,


    I oughta make it a bump-a stick-a and slap it on the back of my CAH.

    Of course, no one would get it. Born again. Har-umph.
    (No offence to you born-agains reading this)>



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