Llanda’s Party — Missed it!

I hate to miss her annual Christmas Party, the International Pot Luck Supper event. But I’m jist not as young as I used to be and would be a basket case on Sunday if I drove down to Northborough, Mass., today. And Sunday is our BIG DAY up here, the day we go ta choice, I mean church. More on that later, but first….

Llanda and husband Terry have held this event for 17 years. Here’s the title of the invite she sent out on 15 Nov.: Official Invitation: 17th Annual Christmas Musicale. So, you see a good part of it is the music. But here’s the actual copy of the invitation:


You and your guest(s) are invited to our 17th Annual Christmas Musicale.

· Saturday, December 03, 2005

· Our House: 82 Sunset Drive, Northboro (maps available)

· Start time: 6:30 PM

· Agenda:

· Hors D’oeuvres

· Christmas Carol Sing-Along

· Entertainment TBD?

· International Pot Luck Supper

· International Pot Luck Dessert

Please let me know (RSVP) if you can come or not. If you are coming, please tell me how many guests you will bring and what you will bring for the Pot Luck Supper. (Those who reply early get the most choice of what to bring.)

Hope you can join us!

Llanda and Terry

I’ve left off the phone numbers, etc., but that’s it. Nadim really wants me to come but I just can’t. Wish I could!

  1. zgirl’s avatar

    That sucks you can’t go. Sounds like a blast.
    You sound as dissapointed and frustrated as I was last year when I couldn’t go to Henry Spencers memorial service, due to ice all over the place. The down-side to living in rural Maine in the winter.

    Don’t feel too bad Zdad. You will be there in spirit, and I’m sure you’re name will come up in conversation quite a bit at tonights party.

  2. Mardy’s avatar

    Thanks, zgirl, yes, I felt guilty as Hell about not going. I’ve put phone calls of apology in to Llanda and to Nadim. I’ll be reminding them to check my blog to see that I thought of them. She usually has about 40 or more people at the Christmas party, so it isn’t as though I’d be missed for long. But, of course, in the past I’ve been one of highlights in the entertainment portion of the evening… lol

  3. NK’s avatar

    Yes you were missed: No poetry or howling :-)were on the program and the three tenors did not perform. Still it was a great party as usual. Llanda did not play, but Steve and Dale did. Did you know that Dale played the piano? Not as good as Steve but better than me. There were some new faces among the regulars…Great Party!


  4. Mardy’s avatar

    Jah, Boss, a lot of the good stuff missing, huh? I called her last eve and she said Malcolm Bibby wasn’t there either, so that’s why no howling? lol And too bad about the three tenors. I understand John didn’t come either — RPI business came first I guess. Hey, Dale couldn’t have been as good as Steve, right? Maybe you should have gotten a chance to play?? Who was Steve with? Did you chat with Hector and mother? Attire?

    That’s it for now,
    I gotta go,
    — seavey

  5. K Olson’s avatar

    Hey, the party was a real blast!
    Llanda was dancing the Flamenco on her piano, but I did miss your poetry recital too. Also no Canadian recitals either this time.
    Hope you join next year!

  6. Mardy’s avatar

    K Olson?

    Wow, did I miss Llanda dancing on her piano, the Flamenco no less?? And you missed my poetry recitations?? The Canadian recitals must have been by —– can picture him but forget his name momentarily!

    And are you male or female? Have I met you??

    Give me a clue, a hint? Thanks!


  7. k.olson’s avatar

    First hint: Do I look male or female ?

    Ken Olson

  8. Mardy’s avatar

    OHMAGOD, Ken, it’s you! It’s you! Remember the time we met in the men’s room at HLO (I think that was the acronym for the building) in the Hudson facility. You were at the neighboring urinal and was I surprised when you turned to me with that enormous scandanavian grin and asked, “What do you do?” Of course, the obvious answer was, “Trying to take a leak, Sir.” But instead I mumbled something about transistor modeling, but fortunately at the same time Don Nelsen popped out of one of the stalls to elaborate on what I was mumbling. Don was always easily articulate with the upper brass. Anyway that saved the day, for me. You probably don’t remember that, Ken. Why should you? Anyway, since you’ve found it safe to post on my blog when are you going to invite me up to your estate on Lake Winnipesaukee?

  9. NK’s avatar

    You got all the bossed feeding off your hand Boss!! KO here and MC on the other thread! I am impressed!



  10. Mardy’s avatar

    MC? Who that? Is M. Capellas a boss of some kind? Never heard of him. He’s a CEO or president of some company? Well, it looks like someone is “phishing” me here, pretending to be a big Boss of one kind or the other. Ken Olson I recognize. But M. Capellas? Perhaps I’ll never know who’s playing these roles here. Oh well…

    Cheers, and
    I gotta go,
    — seevy

  11. k.olson’s avatar

    Oh, I think I remember you now, you are the bearded guy with the glasses who worked in this odd named group called Dysprosium, or something like that.
    Reminds me of the hey days of CVAX and CMOS1 (that was a 2um=2000nm! process I believe).
    Sorry for not replying earlier but I always need to walk to the cybercafe to get on the net since there is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home …

    Have a great holiday!

  12. Mardy’s avatar

    Thanks, Ken, and a great holiday to you too! Yes, I’m the bearded guy with the glasses that worked in the DEVPROSIM group under Llanda. I like your “Dysprosium” label! Yes it was something like that! In fact I have the DEVPROSIM sign that hung over our offices back then; it’s now sitting on edge in our basement and was bequeathed to me by Llanda herself. So, clearly, you remember the heydays of CVAX and CMOSI, even the line widths (2um) at the time. But Ken, weren’t you still hoping for the best for the VAX 9000 series?

    Just like you, Ken, not to want a computer in his home. Why, the VAX 9000 could have solved everyone’s problems if only that Microsoft juggernaut hadn’t started rolling back then. Ah, well, you still have your estate up on the lake. Invites?

    Happy Holidays again!
    ps. In fact, Merry Christmas, it’s that morning!

  13. 2e’s avatar

    Hi Ken!

    I’m so glad to hear that you’re doing OK. I’d been worrying since we hadn’t heard from you in a while.
    Thanks so much for the Digital Retiree Benefits. Some of us Young Folks were able to get these and now we can get as sicko as we want and it won’t bankrupt us!

    Are your turnips holding out this winter?

    twoooeetie, aka Dr. Devprosim or was it Dr. Dyspepsia?


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