Ireland, Here We Come!

The day after tomorrow it ’tis when we hop on a plane and head across the ocean for Shannon airport in Éire. We’re taking Aer Lingus flight 138/Class X which leaves at 8:45pm from Logan and arrives in Shannon at 7:45am the next day. BUT, it only takes six hours. Know why? Of course you do! The time in Éire is five hours ahead of us. So, by our clock we’ll be gettin there at 2:45am. What a god-awful time to crawl off a plane! But look at the bright side: the sun will be out and it’ll be quarter of eight in the morning there. Did I say the sun will be out? hmmmmm Let’s hope so. The weather reports for that region have not been that great — a lot of rain has been falling there. Ah well, we’ll be prepared for that. Expect the worse, that’s my motto! Can’t go wrong with that.

. . . . . . . . . . .

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    Ok, we made to Ireland! Here I sit in an Internet Cafe in the now touristy town of Dingle. ‘Tis a beauty of a day, bright sunny, but cool. Hundreds of people are rambling about here; it’s more like Cape Cod than old Ireland. I’ve very little time at the moment.

    Slan leat!

  2. Kate’s avatar

    Phew! You made it! Hope you had a decent flight…

    I got your mail today, a whole bunch of it, and tell Mom I watered her garden and took some lettuce for dinner, and her 5-bean salad was amazing!

    We went up to the pool for a swim today, too..a hot one.
    Ok, hi to J&M.

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  4. zDaD’s avatar

    oh oh somebody found me web site and me blog! But that’s ok, ’tis public. Anyway, I’s not inta on-line gamblin’, just ramblin’.

    Ok, Kate, I’ll tell zMommy that you watered the garden, took some lettuce and love the three bean salad!! Good, Kate!!

    We’re havin a great time here. Ate (too much) last eve at a great restaurant, called The Old Key (An Sean Ché), with John, Mary, Nilanthi, Sean, and Barbara. Sean is Mary’s brother and Barbara his wife. I went on a great walk yesterday afternoon with Sean and Barbara looking for a Megalithic Tomb up on the hill, but would you believe we couldn’t find it? I’ve got lots of pics. Had nice talks with Nila too.

    I gotta go,

  5. Kate’s avatar

    Neat Dad! How sad you could not find the Megalithic Tomb…
    The Old Key makes me think of something out of “Harry Potter..”
    How’s the food? Oh, I guess it was great if you ate too much! You always eat too much Dad.

    Check out my web site “notes” page for a pic of the new garden gate!

    All’s well on the Hill..the first wave of guests should be arriving sometime tomorrow (Friday) while I’m at “corn city”…(nash & craig & possibly!)

    Don went up to Aunt Nancy’s today to check out the you implied, it’s not of much value for our woodstoves, but for some reason, A.N. want’s it gone! Why? We are not sure…….

  6. DaDz’s avatar

    Food is great! But as you say, Kate, I always eat too much. Last eve we went to the Theatre! This was six one act ten minute plays at a small theatre in Dingle. It was incredibly weird, clever, and hilarious. The Butterfly Fairie was one, so by the name you can get the idea. A young girl with an unpronouceable Irish name was the sole performer in that play. But all six plays were fascinating and amazing! Then Sean (he’s the “organizer”) led us to O’Flaherity’s Pub in Dingle for authentic everything Irish! Some great accordion playing and guitar playing of Irish songs. The place was packed. Even some “locals” there amongst the tourists. Fascinating, and as I say, authentic!

    Thanks for the news from the hill, Kate, and I’ll check out yer Notes page. Yes, A.N. has the must-clean-everything-always fetish. But I agree, When in doubt, throw it out!

    Now, Bunky, I don’t have anything for you to EAT now. Besides, I’m too far away. Incidentally, a little black cat has been pestering us. No one knows where the thing came from. We’re right on the bay here, and fishermen go out every day. Got some free mackeral the other day.

    Sean is still planning how to find that M. Tomb!

    I gotta go,

  7. Bunky’s avatar

    I threw up on Uncle Nash’s baseball glove yesterday morning..tee hee..then Uncle Nash told me it was Eryn’s baseball glove, not his..MEOW. I’ll get him when he least expects it!
    -Bunky AKA “Round Ball”

  8. Olde Waugh’s avatar

    Well, heavens, Young Seavey, are ye into the Guinness too much? Canna fault yer fer that!! Ah’m havin’ troubles tryin’ to figure what yer talkin’ about. Dingle Peninsula I know. Where else have ye bin? Offer us a chronology and a geographical diary. In spite of everything, however, enjoy – – and give us a full travelogue report upon your return.


  9. Young Seavey’s avatar

    Thanks to ye for yer posting Olde Waugh. We spent almost a week in Ventry in Sean and Barbara’s place there; they have their main home in Dingle where they stayed while we were in Ventry. Now since Tuesday we’ve been in Maigh Cuilean (plane of holly), or Moycullen for short, six miles west of Galway, and of course now I’m at an Internet Cafe down the street. We’re staying here til Sunday when we fly home. We visited some great gardens yesterday, called Brigit’s Garden. There are four garden’s each representing one of the ancient Celtic festivals. I took a bunch of pics of course. We’re having dinner tonight at one of John and Mary’s friends, a Prof. and Mrs. Imbusch of the U of Galway. I tried out at the U of Galway for a job back in the late 80’s but didn’t make it. boo hoo The weather here has been cool and rainy at times but also sunny at times.

    ok, I gotta go.

    Slan agat!
    Young Seavey

  10. nk’s avatar

    Hey Have one on me…I owe you one… and I will pay you later :-)



  11. seev’s avatar

    Hey, atta go, Boss. I’ll have one on you! We’re a coming back on Sunday. Quite a vacation, let me tell ya!

    i gotta go,

    — seev

  12. nk’s avatar

    Is this blog dead or what?? Otherwise I must be doing something wrong.

    Zgirl, you’re closer to him, please give him a push for me will you?….



  13. zgirl’s avatar

    I’ve tried NK! I say, hey, what about posting some new blog entries? And he just shrugs his shoulders and mutters “Bah.”

    I’m not sure he gets it..
    You want people to visit your blog and post comments, then you’ve got to write stuff for them to respond to.

    Dead Blogs.
    There’s my next band name: The Dead Blogs.
    Ha! I crack myself up.

    Zdadzio, you have a responsibilty here. wRitE sOmeThinG, will Ya?????? A new entry???

  14. Zdadzio’s avatar

    I was jist about to hang up for the nite when I decided to check my blog messages anyway. I hadn’t looked for a few days. And there it was! Two messages from the only people, besides me, who ever post here. What a thrill! Thanks for keeping this Dead Blog on life support.

    zgirl, you don’t get it, no matter what I write in here no one’s going to respond anyway. Why bother? It’s hopeless! boo hoo boo hoo


  15. nk’s avatar

    Just Do It….(C) Used with permission

    Hey Zgirl Let’s gang up on him when I am up in Denmark!


  16. zgirl’s avatar

    “zgirl, you don’t get it, no matter what I write in here no one’s going to respond anyway. Why bother? It’s hopeless! boo hoo boo hoo”

    Dad, don’t tell me I don’t “GET IT~!”
    Why Bother?

    Boo HOO?

    It’s really too bad you stopped. This had turned out to be a pleasant daily visit.
    It takes time for things to start cookin’. I’ve had my web site up for years now…I’ve started getting daily visitors because I keep updating my pages. That’s why the digital camera is so great, too, because I’ve learned people love seeing the photos. But there are sometimes when I think nobody is looking at my web site, yet out of the blue, I’ll find out more people are looking than I think. And my content is just silly, boring, mundane stuff. YOU at least are SMART and write things that MATTER! It’s too bad you don’t take advantage of this. It takes time to build readers, and you had only just started. What you write is of value, you shouldn’t quit.

    JESUSCHRIST DAD (oxymoron?)
    START A goddamn new MOTHER – EFFING TOPIC !

    Maybe you’re friends will say, “you let your daughter talk to you like that?”

    But hopefully, you can discuss IMPORTANT matters and stuff. YOu’re all smart, educated brain-iacs.

    Please don’t reply with some insipid post about “you’re right ZGirl” I should be more this…bla blah..


  17. Mardé’s avatar

    OK, says I, I did — start a few new topics since Dec. 1, 2005, it now being over 16 months later. The traffic picked up for a while there, but now it’s back to a crawl. Ah well, there’s only so many hours in a day, 24 actually.


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