Atrial Fibrillation

Looks like I’ve got it, along with 2.2 million other Americans. The nurse at Bridgton Internal Medicine did an EKG on me today at my appointment with the new doc, Lisa Kleinert. I told the nurse I was feeling arrhythmia in my chest so she did the test. It took longer than I liked. Anyway, I’ve got it, along with some Atrial Flutter. So now I’ve been started on Coumadin (for thinning the blood) and Atenolol (to keep heart rate down). Note the last three letters in Atenolol. ha ha? I’ll be getting blood tests next week to help determine the level of Coumadin I take.

My thing isn’t always present. It comes and goes. I’ve been noticing it more lately though. The danger of it is that it can cause stroke if clots lodge in the brain. The fibrillation causes blood to “pool” a bit in the atrium before flowing and the pooling can lead to clot formation. That’s why the blood needs to be thinned and the thing controlled, or better, prevented somehow.

Right now I’m reading “Expert Opinions” on Atrial Fibrillation and Flutter on the Cardiosource website. It’s an interview of one doctor by another, both heart experts, and they’re saying that some new drugs are becoming available now to control these things. Well, good. I’ll keep reading.

  1. nk’s avatar

    Is it as serious as it sounds?? I will read some about it later. Got plenty of time now that the family is back in Lebanon. Signle again; for a week this year.

    Oh no!!! The OB is showing signs of cracks in the armour…. and me that thought you will be you forever young.

    Take care,


  2. OB’s avatar

    Yup, the OB really feels like an OB sometimes. LOL or do I really want to….

    Anyway, hey, it could be worse. A lot of people have much worse AF than me, for much longer times, plus other complications like enlargement of the left ventrical, say. They call that Left Ventricular Hypertrophy (LVH). Now that’s pretty scary. I had an echocardiogram recently and my heart is normal size, no enlargements.

    I just got through wearing a Holter Monitor for 24 hours. I got five wires connected to five pads on and around my chest with the wires leading to a heavy battery and computer strapped to my waist with a belt. It does continuous EKG for 24 hours and generates about 50 pages of data! I was glad to get the thing off of me today and return it to the Bridgton hospital. I don’t think I had an AF “attack” during those 24 hours. In fact I feel pretty good today. What the hell. I went for a good vigorous walk this afternoon and didn’t even croak! LOL

    So, you’re single for one week out of the year! Not bad. Way to go. Just don’t let Callie out of the house!

  3. OB’s avatar

    Oh, I should explain to anyone who might have read the above — is there anyone? — that Callie is a cat, and I’ll never forget the time nk’s whole family was in an uproar because Callie got out of their house and disappeared for the night! Needless to say, it came back the next day but we had to send out a search party at the time (I happened to be visiting at the time).

  4. nash’s avatar

    Hey OB (OG) keep monitoring that AF because we need you around to help pay my bills (just kidding). Sounds as though this AF thing is fairly common and you have a relatively mild case of it but make sure you keep an eye on it, ok…They say Guiness is good for you, maybe you should try that.

    Maybe roast cat is good for the heart, there’s a nice plump one next door. We could have a cat roast.

  5. zdad’s avatar

    Hey, Nash! That’s good! Roast cat! What a whopper of a meal Bunky would make, huh? But, well, I don’t think his parents would exactly go for making a meal out of him. On the other hand….. Sometimes Bunky eats too too much and he might just explode? lol

    Yes, I got told today by the nurse — who knows a thing or two about AF — that Guinness is good for you, esp. when you have AF. She says have one on her but I must put a shamrock on top. (I think she’s Irish).

    Thanks for droppin by this little old blog.


  6. BUNKY’s avatar

    Uncle Nash, I left a big fat turd on the drum stool for ya..
    It’s stinky as all heck, too.

  7. nash’s avatar

    We could get a rotisserie, spear him, and watch him rotate above the hot coals – brazing him occasionally – until he’s done just right…

  8. zDad’s avatar

    Oh, c’mon Nash. Leave poor Bunky alone. He can’t help it if he likes to eat. Last night at the Harrison Fair I saw enough FAT people to make Bunky look skinny by comparison! Anyway, I like picking Bunky up. It’s a test of strength and good exercise for me!

  9. BUNKY’s avatar

    I”m gona spear you Uncle Nash, with my fangs!

  10. nash’s avatar

    Oh, all right we won’t have a cat roast. Sorry about that Tubby I mean Bunky.

  11. BUNKY’s avatar

    That’s Ok Uncle Nash, I always knew you were a TOOL!

  12. Kate’s avatar

    I’m back.
    Carry on…

    Zdad, don’t you think it’s time for a new entry in your blog?

  13. zDad’s avatar

    Ok, I guess everyone (everyone? Is there an everyone?) is sick of seeing that forbidding expression, Atrial Fibrillation, as the first topic on this blog. So, ok, Kate, I’ll start a new topic.

    Mardé himself

  14. twoeetie’s avatar

    My mother takes Coumadin also. She’s been taking it for several years now. The doctor tweaks the dose frequently. She goes in at least once a month to give a blood sample and based on that they adjust the dose.

    Terry, OTOH, has taken Atenolol for many years. It’s done a great job of controlling his migraines.

    I don’t know who this Nash is but he (or she?) should be ashamed of himself – picking on a sweet pussycat – forsooth! What a knave he must be!!! I hope the Great Cat in the Sky sweeps down and obliterates him with one swing of her Powerful Tail!!!

  15. Mardé’s avatar

    I think you scared old Uncle Nash away, twoeetie. He hasn’t threatened Bunky here for over a year and a half! Forsooth, The Great Cat in the Sky packs a mean punch!


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