Trip to Quebec City

These are the dramatic Montmorency Falls a bit northeast of Quebec City. We drove up there from the city on May 22, a chilly and windy Sunday. I took the above picture from a little gazebo part way down from a boardwalk leading to the bridge shown in the picture.

We spent three nights in the Delta hotel and ate at some great restaurants but the wind was unbelievably strong, the tall buildings acting as wind tunnels to amplify it! We left sunny Tuesday morning, the 24th, with John and Mary Kelly, and by a fortuitous mistake came home by way of Maine route 201 and Jackman, Maine. This led us by the Kennebec river which was an awe inspiring sight.

  1. zgirl’s avatar

    That’s a nice pic Dad!
    So when you going to post the rest of them?
    Let us know…..

  2. og aka Dad’s avatar

    Good question, zgirl. I forgot to upload a new album of those pics. But taday I’ve gotta drive to Carlisle and have lunch with my cousin Sandra at the Andersons with my aunt Barbara (who recently hit 90) there too. But I’ll be back later taday.

    Hey, where’s nk? Haven’t seen any comment by him for awhile. Forget the Sanjoser. He’s erratic but brilliant! And John?

    I gotta go,

  3. zgirl’s avatar

    DADDY you are the greatest man in the world!
    Love your princess daughter.

    Now UPDATE your Blog!!!

  4. DADDY’s avatar

    Go raibh míle maith agat, zcailín!


    Oh, that’s just Gaelic. It says, “Thanks a lot, zgirl!”

    I’ve been wasting my time working on several online courses on Irish Gaelic. Do I really think I’ll be able to speak any of that language by the time we get to Ireland end of July? Well, I have a looong way to go, but it is kinda fun. The pronunciation of the language is the worst thing! Gad, is it weird. And my memory for single unconnected words is not the geatest. Endless repetition is the answer!


  5. nk’s avatar

    Way to go zgirl!

    Gotta give the Old Man a push from time to time.

    Now keep UPDATING your blog.


  6. Old Man’s avatar

    HEY! Thanks for posting a comment, nk! This blog had just about gone dead. That’s right, the old guy needs a shove to get him going again. Thanks, zgirl! But what if I updated my blog and nobody viewed it?? Well, they might view it and then just snort in derision without posting a comment. How would I know??

    Beauty of a day today. I’ve been thinkin of starting a new topic on Ireland. Wonder who would care?


  7. zgirl’s avatar

    Dad that’s not the point. Nobody does care, about any blogs! It’s just for you, you are the only one that must care. Then you see who might follow..some topics they care, others they don’’s the over-all process that matters.

    That’s my 2 cents.

  8. og aka Dad’s avatar

    By golly, yer right, zgirl!

    Think I’ll ad another topic right now!

  9. Poofy’s avatar

    Quebec in winter is very beautiful! A great
    trip to do!

  10. Ariane’s avatar

    Near de Montmorency falls, you can go to L’ile D’Orléan. It’s a beautiful place.

    [email protected]

  11. Mardé’s avatar

    Thanks for your comment, Ariane. Not sure where L’ile D’Orléan is, but we visited a town close to falls which had a giant cathedral. I checked your website but none of its links work.


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