The Fisher King

Look at this fisher! He’s getting ready to go up that tree. What’s he after? Could be a porcupine. WildSci/mam_picts/fisher.jpg

Here’s a sketch of a fisher taking a look at a porcupine. I’m afraid it’s going to be curtains soon for the porcky.
. . . . . .
Lou B has seen two of these creatures. See her comment under the White Rabbit thread.

Here’s another live one. Cute, huh? new/meso/fisher.jpg

But who was the Fisher King??
For a good summary see here.
And here’s a strange little poem from that website:

And a man stood there, as still as moss,
A lichen form that stared;
With an old blind hound that, at a loss,
Forever around him fared,
With a snarling fang half bared.

I looked at the man; I saw him plain;
Like a dead weed, gray and wan,
Or a breath of dust. I looked again–
And man and dog were gone,
Like wisps of the graying dawn…

–Madison Cawein, “Wasteland”

. . . . . . . . The Black Jaguar! . . . . . .

Hey, Dude, what’s happening?

  1. zgirl’s avatar

    Hey! Judging by that photo, it seems to me that I saw a Fisher!

    But, I thought Fishers were fast-moving?

    The one I saw waddled much like our cat Bunky.

  2. og’s avatar

    Geez, zgirl, you may be right. It could be when fishers are not in a hurry they sort of waddle? Did it have a head like the ones in the pictures? Porcupines basically have no neck at all and a smallish head.


  3. nash’s avatar

    Pretty good stuff, I’m sure he’s got a good bite. The black Jaguar I saw in Mexico though may have a little bit more pop.

    Of course he lived in the zoo we visited.

    Another neat guy we saw was the spider monkey. Those guys were fun to watch.

  4. Mahdey’s avatar

    Wow, Nash, a black Jag! Now that’s serious stuff. I don’t think it would pay for a fisher to get wise with that guy. As you say, he may have a bit more pop!

    Hey, and spider monkey’s too. You must have had fun in Mejico!


  5. nash’s avatar

    Thats him. Pretty tough looking cat. When he gets hungry, look out!

  6. zgirl’s avatar

    I saw that critter again, and it waddled along.
    Now I believe it was a porcupine, just for the record.

  7. TL Savarino’s avatar

    I gotta go


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