8th Congress Imminent!

Lookee here! The 8th US National Conference on Computational Mechanics is about to occur in July!
. . . . . .
Isn’t this exciting? Anybody here going to this important meeting? zgirl? nk? Jive Talkin Choirboy?
Geez, I don’t know. I may have a conflict; I’m going to Ireland this summer. I’d better check….


  1. zgirl’s avatar

    Uh…no. I can’t say I’ll be going to this meeting!
    Maybe my brother……

  2. Mahdey’s avatar

    Lookee how a crack propagation problem can be simulated:

    Generalized Finite Difference Method (GFDM), which extends classical concepts of finite difference to irregular sets of points, without any need for finite element mesh. Typically this is accomplished by combining Moving Least Squares (MLS) approximation with a collocation method for a Partial Differential Equation.

  3. Mardy’s avatar

    Here’s another beauty:

    See how the water saturates the oil?

  4. nk’s avatar

    Got MINIMOS withdrawal symptoms??

    Cannot handle all three: Computational mechanics, Texas, and July. Maybe 2 of 3. Any 2….



  5. og’s avatar

    Well, that Jive Talkin Choirboy said he was lookin for a category on Computational Mechanics, so here it is! But where is he??

    Jah, that’s good, MINIMOS withdrawal symptoms! LOL

    Now if I could only get John to at least make one post here! Maybe if I ask him to help with my MINIMOS withdrawal? But I’m sure his is worse than mine! LOL

    C’mon, JTC, make a comment? Any comment?

    I gotta go,
    — seev

  6. John Faricelli’s avatar

    I believe the stress at the end of the crack
    has a square root singularity, no?

    — jf

  7. tfog’s avatar

    Aahhhhhh, you are of course correct, John. (Why didn’t I think of that?) Let us remove the pole in the PDE by properly integrating the colocation method in the complex plane, of course using correctly the MLS approximation, no?

    — tfog

  8. sanjoser’s avatar

    the best book on Fracture Mechanics I know is
    “Principles of Fracture Mechanics” by this guy Sanford from
    U. Maryland. his website seems to be down right now
    The best I know is that there’s a closed form solution for
    von Mises stress in an elliptical hole in a homogeneous
    medium. If you take the limit of the ellipticity going to
    zero, that solution is used to seed the FE calculations in
    the neighborhood of the crack.

    Also, the H Tree thing seems pretty fruitful for Mesh Generation.This guy Sukumar at Davis (one of Hughes’ students
    I think) is doing some pretty good work


    I think we ought to put a reading list together.

    I’ll post some test problem simultions I have on heat transfer
    this weekend


  9. sanjoser’s avatar

    also, I’m thinking of getting this open source thing:


    it’s a CFD solver that these guys just made open source


  10. John Faricelli’s avatar

    This dude, Peter Lax, just got the Abel Prize in mathematics. He was sent to Los Alamos at 19 to work on the Bomb.

    Interesting article on his efforts in PDE’s: Lax

  11. SanJoser’s avatar

    Well, on a more pleasant note, he’s the author of
    the classic Functional Analysis, and he’s responsible
    for Lax-Phillips Scattering theory, and the Lax Wendtroff
    differnce scheme, among others
    this ought to get Kate and the Old Guy chuckling at us
    for weeks

  12. og’s avatar

    That’s because we don’t know what yer talkin about!

    But it is our pleasure to have real scientists, mathematicians, and/or engineers posting comments on serious subjects. Incidentally, I knew a Ben Lax once, but he’s probably croaked by now. He was my boss’s boss at M.I.T. Lincoln Laboratory around the time of the invention of the masers and lasers.



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