The Unitarian Jihad!!!

My Unitarian Jihad Name is:
Sibling Hand Grenade of Courteous Debate.

Get yours.

Hey, this is a riot, maybe even a Jihad!

  1. zgirl’s avatar

    Sister Machine Gun of Mild Reason

    Suits me!

  2. nk’s avatar

    The Jackhammer of Enlightened Compassion….That’s me…


  3. og’s avatar

    Hey, here’s my new name:

    Brother Gatling Gun of Looking at All Sides of the Question

    btw: What’s a gatling gun I wonder? For shooting geese?

  4. SanJoser’s avatar

    I far prefer my Wu Tang name
    Jive Talkin Choirboy

  5. SanJoser’s avatar

    Oh, and when is the “Computational Mechanics”
    category going to show up


  6. tfog’s avatar

    Hey! Thanks for adding a couple comments, JTC. I knew you’d play the UJ game your way. But that’s alright, makes life interesting, huh?

    OHMAGOD, a “Computational Mechanics” category! Well, I’m going to have to stretch the old brain to get that going here, that’s for sure.

    But if the JTC wants it, I’ll have ta do it, I guess.


    ps. I wonder where a Wu Tang name comes from? Wu Tang?

  7. zgirl’s avatar

    There is a rap group called the Wu Tang Clan.
    Any connection?


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