Deer ticks upper row, dog ticks lower row:
……. image removed for now ………
The ones on the right are engorged with blood!

Here’s a good reference on ticks in Maine.

I think the ticks ought to be out about now but I didn’t go up in the woods today to check this out. I wonder if turkeys eat ticks? Would be nice. There are an overabundance of turkeys now in Maine. I wouldn’t want to eat the turkey that ate the tick though, would I?

  1. OG’s avatar

    So far I’ve picked up one tick. It looks like the second one on the left in the first row above. It was starting to crawl behind my ear when I nabbed it and tossed it into the toilet.

    About an hour ago I came back from a long walk in the woods. I didn’t see any ticks on the low bushes, or on my cloths or shoes when I got back. But ticks are sneaky! This one got on me somewhere out there in the wilds. Will another one appear? Time will tell.

  2. nk’s avatar


    Congratulation on winning the prize.


  3. TFOG’s avatar

    That’s right! I forgot! I won the prize! …….

    But what good is it? I show myself around the Fessenden Hill trails? I say Hi to JimBob and Herbie?

    Herbie told my sister-in-law Nancy that there were no ticks this year. ha ha I can show him mine. It’s still floating in the toilet! LOL

  4. zgirl’s avatar

    ew! congratulations Dad!
    I owe you an apple turn-over from Jim Bob’s.

    No ticks spotted on this side of the hill yet, but, I’m sure it won’t be long now!

  5. zgirl’s avatar


  6. nk’s avatar

    Caramel, not Calie, claims second place: Found one on her neck this afternoon after she got back from her escapade.


  7. zgirl’s avatar

    I saw a tick sitting on a rock as I was raking this afternoon…but so far, not on me.
    I guess cats can count for the tick game.
    Our cats, Bunky & Bonezee, are so far, tick free.
    We are luckin’ out so far!

    May flies are starting I’ve noticed. Not in full force yet, but I suspect all this recent rain will really get ’em all riled up!

    Would Caramel like an apple turn-over from Jim-Bob’s?

  8. zgirl’s avatar

    “The highest populations of the wood tick are found in southern Maine—in Oxford County and surrounding areas.”

    Ah ha! I just read that reference you linked!
    And we live in Oxford County, the highest population of wood ticks in southern Maine.
    Of course.

  9. Mard/og’s avatar

    Hey, that’s right! Caramel deserves an apple turnover from JimBob’s, the best in Oxford county. (But would she like it?)

    Yes, it won’t be long before the BLACK FLIES will be out.

    I wuz thinkin today, why don’t I take a pail of water and go up in the woods and see how many ticks I can catch — without getting them on me of course.

    I’ve tried advertising my blog. Told a couple of my high school classmates from the class of 1946 about it, and also my cousin-in-law, Judy Johnson. And I have encouraged our old colleague, Llanda, to add a comment. Did I say old ? ha ha She’s a young’un.

  10. nk’s avatar

    I say Caramel should get an apple turn-over from Jim-Bob’s. What she does with it is up to her….[ I have added an extra serving of cat food this morning…As long as cats remember!]


  11. SEEV’s avatar

    Hey, that’s good, nk, whatever Caramel wants to do with it, and I bet Caramel especially liked that extra serving of cat food and will well remember it!

    zgirl’s cat, Bunky, remembers so well that he could easily win the “fattest cat of the year” award!

    I gotta go,
    — seev

    ps. I asked our good buddy John to add a comment here, but he is too busy trying to figure out how to get Outside Intel as distinguished from Inside Intel. LOL?

  12. zgirl’s avatar

    Was sitting at the computer 2 nights ago and felt a tick crawling up my arm. Caught the sucker in time and flicked it in the toilet.

    I get 3rd place.


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