The White Rabbit

Kate said she saw a white rabbit today, running down below amongst the birches. Perhaps it was a snowshoe hare like this fella?
. . . . .
I’ve seen what I think are rabbit tracks up in the woods but I’ve never seen a rabbit or a hare up here. They must be all around. Very secretive. Can’t blame them I guess. Lots of predators — coyotes, fisher, bobcats. I’ve seen coyotes but not a bobcat or a fisher yet. There’s still time….

  1. zgirl’s avatar

    Looks more like that.

  2. Mahdey’s avatar

    Ok, zgirl, but your hare sounds like he comes from the Kingussie Highlands in Great Britain. My hare is from Maine. And I understand the coat of the Maine Snowshoe Hare changes to brown in the summer. Your mother says the hare she and you saw was fatter than what’s shown in my picture. But, Hey, why split hares?? LOL The picture you link to is not all that much different from the pic I’m showing, is it? LOL Let’s not split hares!

    I gotta go,

  3. zgirl’s avatar

    Aren’t you gonna tell everyone that you saw the hare yesterday, too?

  4. OG’s avatar

    Yup! Everyone? Hello? Anybody out there?? ANYBODY OUT THERE!!!! …. no answer.. ah well, yes, I saw zee rabbit, I mean zee hare, yesterday. He was speeding away from the wreckage of the horse shed. Then he stopped about a hundred feet away. Kate saw him stopped there, then I saw him. But finally he just left that spot and disappeared into the woods.

    My theory is that he has a burrow somewhere under the shed wreckage. So, today early I crept over there with my camera. But nothing happened. I had hoped that he would spring out from under the shed so’s I could snap his picture.

    Why do I keep calling him him? Could me he’s a her. Maybe that would explain the plumpness. Maybe she’s pregnant? Wow, a litter of baby snowshoe hares under the shed wreckage! Could we make a pet out of one?

    Well, I’m probably off the charts now. Anyway, interesting thought.


  5. zgirl’s avatar

    Ooh! A whole litter of baby bunnies to nibble on Mom’s vegetable garden! How exciting that would be!

    Yah..anybody out there? Now you know how I feel with my message board.

    It sucks. People read but are too afraid to comment.

    Bah Humbug!

    (not counting NK, he’s been popping in quite regularly. Props to NK!)

  6. OG’s avatar

    Yup, three cheers for NK! I have to miss a dinner at a Lebanese restaurant in Worcester tomorrow with NK and the ladies and buddies because we have to take care of church on Sunday. I suppose I could have gone and then driven back afterwards. Well, I do know my limitations at this stage in life. Gotta keep the old guy’s body from fallin apart. Whew….

    Hello? Anybody out there? Nye? Where’s Nye?? ANYBODY OUT THERE!!!!! ……. silence……

    OGOG (Oh Gee Old Guy)

  7. zgirl’s avatar

    Perhaps if you started a new topic?
    I don’t know.

    Maybe people just don’t spend as much time on the internet as they used to.

  8. nk’s avatar


    It’s me. Who else could it be besides zgirl. You better be extremely nice to her, and me of course, or else you will loose a good percentage of your blog contributors.

    BTW I should probably use the RSS thingy to know when comments are updated: Is it too technical or simple enough for even me to be able to use. We’ll see.

    Saturday was fun. But you already know that since we tallked to you. Next time if you cannot make it, I might get my laptop and cam and have you ‘live’ with us.

    Any ticks yet?


  9. OG’s avatar

    Jah, yer right. I’d better be damned nice. I could cut the contributors here down to one — namely, me.

    Hey, but last night I caught Llanda on line. She hasn’t figured out how to use the “invisible” option in the Yahoo Messenger yet. I had just time enough to give her my web site address. Johann asked me for the address too when we talked on the phone. So, there’s two more potential customers, huh?

    Hey, sure! Use the RSS thing. I get automatic notice on Outlook Express whenever anyone adds a comment. Maybe I’m using RSS and don’t even know it!? LOL

    Jah, that’s an idea, we use the webcams to have a virtual dinner? But we did have trouble with those conference call attempts, right?

    I haven’t dared check for ticks the last few days. This rain we’re having may bring them out. Perhaps I’ll test today for them, maybe find a black fly too? LOL

    I gotta go,

  10. Lou B’s avatar

    I’ve seen two fishers, so they are here.


  11. Mahdey’s avatar

    Hey, Lou! Thanks for dropping a comment in here! As you read above, probably, I don’t have many “customers” here, and the ones I do have I try to be nice to! So, thanks again, Lou.

    Hey, that’s amazing that you’ve seen two fishers. They are pretty nasty and wicked creatures, aren’t they? And they love porcupines, right? Where did you see them, near the pond where Ed’s camp is? Is it Ed’s camp? I forget — short term memory, ya know.

    Mardy aka you-name-it

  12. zgirl’s avatar

    I saw a wierd creature the other night driving home.. it wasn’t a porcupine but it had a bristley coat……it wasn’t a skunk, but it had some white on it’s back…it was the same size as a fisher but it waddled to slow to be one…it wasn’t a raccoon either..

    So what was it?
    Muskrat? I don’t think it was a porcupine. But the more I think about it, maybe it was.

    That’s it. I think it was a porcupine!

  13. Mahdey’s avatar

    Hey, good, zgirl! It probably was a porcupine. They waddle. And their quills can often take on certain sheens, esp. if partly raised. How do I know? I don’t! I’m just guessing. But it seems reasonable, huh?

    Lou says she’s seen them too, but usually as run-over messes by the side of the road. I’ve seen that too.



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