Caption contest…

Here’s a picture I found asking for a caption:


One entry was the following:
When I grow up, my name will be Bob Novak!

This came from the Eschaton blog.

  1. Mardy’s avatar

    I apologize for that picture. It’s pretty yucky, isn’t it? lol?


  2. zgirl’s avatar

    Please pass the catsup.

  3. zgirl’s avatar

    Please pass the catsup.

  4. Mardy’s avatar

    Ok, thanks, zgirl. That gets my vote. The little thing, ugly as it is, is asking to please pass the catsup. Is that the idea? But what’s he eating? Better not to know!


  5. nk’s avatar

    Ugly creature all right. Cant even think of an appropriate caption.

    BTW is the catsup for the creature or for eating the creature?? :-)


  6. Mard’s avatar

    Good God!, nk. For eating the creature? I never thought of that, or I tried to cast that thought from my mind. zgirl? You didn’t mean the caption for eating the creature, did you? Or did you?!

    Gad, why did I ever post that picture!

    — og

  7. zgirl’s avatar

    No, the baby possum is sayIng,
    “Please pass the catsup”

    But in some parts of the country, it might actually by saying:
    “Please pass the ketchup, bitch”

  8. Mahdey’s avatar

    Hey, that’s good, zgirl!
    “Please pass the ketchup, bitch!”

    That baby possum, if that’s what it is, better be careful though, someone might just chuck it out the window if it gets too fresh?



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