Beauty of a day!

Up into the 60’s for first time. Nice and sunny. Church was great, except my voice energy wasn’t the greatest. We did a great arrangement of “Break Down the Barriers” by Heather. The introit Heather picked was shades of Dave Rowe, “Come, Come Wherever You Are, …”, which several of us already knew by heart. Joy’s sermon hit the mark too — she discussed the tricky situation of how we can all get along with particular application to our own church community. But there weren’t too many in church. Probably the weather explains that in part.

Yesterday I walked without my snowshoes to my “Lookout Ledge” on the far side of the Fessenden Hills. First time this winter that has been possible. Of course it’s not winter any more; it’s Spring! And there’s a window of opportunity open now where one can walk in the woods without snowshoes, but in a couple weeks the same walk may pick up tics and feel the buzz of Black Flies. That’s when Spring in the woods gets hard, not to mention the chance of bumping into a disgruntled hungry bear looking for food after his or her long winter’s nap.

  1. nk’s avatar


    You gotta be tough to live in Maine you know. When do the black flies hit, I wonder??



  2. Mardy’s avatar

    Jah, I was wondering that too: when do the Black Flies hit? Won’t be long at this rate. I worry about the tics just as much. Those little buggers are terrible. You can’t kill them, just flush them down the toilet if you can find them before the get under your skin! Get under your skin! Ha Ha lol Yup, you sure were right when you said you gotta be tough to live in Maine! Hey, you know your 400X400 plot is still here waiting for you……. You must have had a good run today in sunny Southborough. Did you get anywhere near Northboro? Maybe Llanda was running too? And John? Running in Stow? Me? I don’t run, just walk.

  3. zgirl’s avatar

    And so, Tick Tawk begins
    ‘Fore even the first bite
    Can feel them on my skin
    though have yet to make a sight.

    A prize will be awarded to the first person to spot a tick on their person.

    I say, we’ve got 2 1/2 more weeks, maybe 3.

    But, do the black flies (or “May Flies”) come first or the ticks?
    Or do they form a front as one and attack together?

    Ah, the mysteries of life never end up here in the woods of Maine.

  4. Me’s avatar

    That’s right, zgirl, the mysteries of life never end up here in the woods of Maine! And of nature too.

    Hey, nk, c’mon up and be the first to win the prize for the first captured tic! Hey, they’re easy to pick off of yer skin — that is, if ya can find the little critters before they start to attach, lol. And the Black Flies, yeah! I’d give us another couple weeks. How about a prize for the first Black Fly bite?? lol
    What was that expression? “Ya gotta be ……”


  5. nk’s avatar

    I think zgirl’s competition is pretty unfair for us non-Mainers (Is this the right word?). Unless I go visit my 400×400 and camp there. Hmmmm? What’s the prize again?


  6. Me’s avatar

    Jah, yer right. We shouldn’t pick on the flatlanders, right zgirl? But hey, c’mon up nk. I’ll ask zgirl what the prize would be. Oh, I bet it’s a nice apple turnover from JimBob’s store and maybe even a chance to meet JimBob in person? Maybe even meet Herbie too?


  7. zgirl’s avatar

    Hey, NK’s got 400 X 400? Didn’t know that. So, it’s fair then, no question.

    The runner-up prize is the apple turnovers from JimBob’s and a JimBob / Herbie meeting, but the Grand Prize is:

    A 3 course dinner with the Nye Sisters
    A day of firewood cutting, splitting & stacking
    And! A guided tour of Fessenden Hill by the OG himself!

    What a package! Who can resist that?
    (I hope I get the tick first)

  8. nk’s avatar

    Hey OG,

    You did not tell your immediate family about my 400×400???
    Please do asap, I dont want any problems you know :-)

    As far as the competition goes: would a tic on someone’s pet count? I could get our cat Calie out and if I am lucky she’ll get back with a tic if she ever gets back that is.



    The prize is quite appealling I must admit.

  9. OG’s avatar

    Hey, nk, don’t worry, my immediate family would be happy to have you up here in the Seavey Compound. The more the merrier! But I don’t want Callie to get lost again, gee! It was hard enough the last time, and to come back with a tic, that would be too much. I think Amy would not be your buddy if that happened, eh?

    Well, today I didn’t dare go up in the woods. Instead, I walked down the road and back. Took me almost 40 minutes. No tics on the road. I checked my notes, and last year I picked up my first tic on April 21. That’s day after tomorrow!


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