First day without snowshoes!

Since the snow pack seems to be dropping by several inches per day, I thought I’d chance it across the street and up towards the peak of Fessenden Hill in just my shoes, no snowshoes. Well, I managed to climb over the bank of snow alongside the road ok, with minimal sinking in, and I headed up the path ok, but then I got sick of the alternating stretches of snow, maybe as much as a foot deep in places, and stretches of bare ground, mostly under areas of large pines and other trees. Actually, I had something else on my mind, otherwise I might have gone further than I did; I turned around at the point where my path meets the right-of-way road. We’ll have to leave about 4:25 pm for the church where we’re have a “retreat” session with the UUA Northeast District’s “Small Church Specialist”. Everyone in the church has been invited. Let’s hope there’s some decent attendance.


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