‘Twas near 60F today!

Good day for Kate to have started her new job. :-) Nicest day in many a moon but rivelets of water are coursing down our dirt road. Cynthia turned the path of the big mid-road stream and pointed it straight down beyond our driveway. Water had been rocketing right into it. Random cars and trucks, what few there are, may squash this new major rivelet but may not be able to change its direction. We’ll see. There’s a lot more snow along the far side bank that has to go someplace.

I walked down to the bottom of the hill and round the corner onto New road. There I discovered a number of sink holes, some out near the middle of the road. I poked my walking stick into a couple of them and they are deep, maybe a good three feet. Also, cracks and cave-ins along the edge abutting our land. What a mess! And there’s more snow to go. Heavy rains will definitely cause more damage.


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