Kate got a job!

Today when we came back from Rosie’s restaurant in Lovell where Cynthia and I had lunch with my cousin Bruce and his wife Judy we found this note on our kitchen table: “I got a job! Produce Clerk. Starting Wednesday :-) –Kate”. So, that’s great. Kate is all excited about it. It’s tough here in Maine to get jobs, that’s for sure. She did well to get this.

  1. Mardy’s avatar

    I have several themes or “skins” for this blog, taken from those made available at WordPress. Evidently, the viewing depends on the browser. As I write this I’m using the Aidens Theme 1.0 by Sean T. Evans. Can anyone tell?

  2. zgirl’s avatar

    There, that’s better, I can read it now.
    Well, I’m off to my first day of training at my new job.
    Wish me luck!

  3. Mardy’s avatar

    Yes! Good luck, zgirl! The first day at a new job is always a little scary, but it should turn out fine. Glad you can read this blog now!


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