Rainy Saturday

Here it is the 2nd of April already and the rains have come. After all, how does it go? April showers bring May flowers? But they also bring spring mud, especially on the dirt roads. New Road will be next to impossibly impassable by tomorrow I bet, not to mention our stretch of Fessenden Hill Road leading up from our driveway. Tonight I’ll have to drive over to pick up Nancy for our Saturday night supper — she doesn’t dare drive her car over here in the rain and mud.

Well, I just saw on the Internet Reuters news service that the Pope has croaked. He was 84. Now comes the scramble for the new Pope, a lot of behind the scenes maneuvering in the College of Cardinals I bet. Who will it be? The favorite of Opus Dei? Hope not. The Church needs to be dragged kicking and screaming into the 21rst century? But then who am I to say, as a secular humanist Unitarian Universalist up here in beautiful uptown Denmark, Maine, population 1020. (Altho I’d better check that figure.)

I went to my first Town of Denmark town meetin’ today. The Municipal Building big room was packed to the gills with about 120 people. They had a secret ballot on the question of appropriating $57,000 toward a town manager. I voted Yes and it passed by 76 to 42. I sat right behind (when I was able to sit) Stan of Laughing Tree Farm of New Road. While the votes were counted I had a nice chat with him. He has no electricity in his little house but does catch the weather, he says, on a battery operated radio. Dr. Doyle was sitting in the way way back. It was very interesting to experience the repartee back and forth amongst the various people discussing the various articles up for vote. The conservative Mr. Ralph Sarty handled things well, I thought, and I especially like Richard Snow, one of the other selectmen. Mr. Stacy of the Cardinal Printing Company was the Moderator. I left about 11:30am before all the articles had been voted so I could pick up the mail, and besides, I figured I’d heard enough and was getting a bit tired and thirsty.

Nat came up today with Dwight to do some jamming at Kate’s. He called on the phone from Kate’s and came over for a nice visit. He described the beautiful ski weekend he had a week or two ago up at Sugaloaf, the finest ski lift resort in New England, he said. And it’s true. Down East magazine says Mainers want to keep that a secret so they can have it all to themsleves. (Lose tourist money?) Nat says he has been working some on the famous TALON robots that are being shipped to Iraq, after design and manufacture at Foster-Miller. These little robots are equipped with machine gun and all sorts of sensors in the militarized version. Nat says they recently shipped out 25 of them, maybe at $75K to $100K or more per unit. Nat says his knee gets a little sore later in the day after continuous skiiing, and he’s taking it a bit easier. Also, his skiis haven’t been performing up to snuff. The sharpening needs improvement among other things. The reason he hurt his knee in the first place is that the binding popped off on his best skiis.

  1. zgirl’s avatar

    Can’t read your blog! Change back to white background please.

  2. Mardy’s avatar

    Well, I can read my blog just fine. I’m told that the viewing of these WordPress blogs depends on the browser used. Ok, now I’ve changed back to Aidens Theme 1.0 by Sean T. Evans. see if you can see this any better, Kate. And good luck at starting work today!

  3. nk’s avatar

    Hi OB,

    Cool. Will post more after exploring.



  4. nk’s avatar

    BTW. I can read fine too.


  5. Mardy’s avatar

    Hey, that’s the way nk! Thanks for making a couple comments on the Rainy Saturday entry. As you can see, this site proves what we know already, what I’ve said before over and over, i.e., You gotta be tough to live in Maine!.

    Tonight I updated my mother’s diaries through January 19, 1933. See all the illegible presents I got for my fourth birthday! (Boy, if I knew then what I know now!!)

  6. TOB’s avatar

    Or I could put that the other way around too, I was thinking: If I knew now what I knew then! The child has insights that we lose as adults, right?

    TOB aka Mardy

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    Hey that’s getting heavy Seev. Remember you gotta keep your blog accessible for the unsophisticated masses.

    Yesterday I checked out the pictures and the books you’re reading. I

    BTW I see you reverted to the old style (or should I say new). No problem I can read both.

    Gotta go.


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    Hey, nk, I know, I gotta keep it simple, you know, KISS for the masses. HA What masses? The only people reading this are you, me, zgirl, and maybe Savarino, or my son Nat, might take a peak, and shake heads? Naww, it’s not that bad, is it?

    Ok, now I’m going to add a brief new entry. Today was the first day this year that I dared head up to the top of the hill (that’s the very peak of Fessenden Hill) without my snowshoes!

    tfog aka Mardy


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