Sept 18 to Sept 30 1932

September 18, 1932 Sunday
Rode in boat but it was rough. Had a walk and a nap. Met a girl named Ann Johnson. Went home by way of Ayer.

September 19, 1932 Monday
Washed today – Mardie had leg ache tonight and kept us awake.

September 20, 1932 Tuesday
Primaries today. Voted for Youngman and Brown on the Rep. ticket.

September 21, 1932 Wednesday
Youngman and Brown won. We three have terrible colds. Had to put a flannel on Mardie tonight.

September 22, 1932 Thursday
Canned tomatoes today and yesterday. R. Hildreth asked me to coach the Y.P.R.U. play but I said I couldn’t.

September 23, 1932 Friday
Went to Chelmsford Center. Mardie and Marden had hair cuts and then we had ice cream at Ox Bow. 10 gallon cider home.

September 24, 1932 Saturday
Went off daylight saving tonight. Gordon came in for a minute.

September 25, 1932 Sunday
Hope, Gladys, Lyle, Norman and girl here for cider this after. Had a good time talking to them.

September 26, 1932 Monday
Washed and mended.

September 27, 1932 Tuesday
Ironed and made apple sauce. Ate candy and drank cider tonight. Letter from Marjorie.

September 28, 1932 Wednesday
Canned tomatoes. Gordon stopped for supper and took F.S. to the show. Dreamed about mother tonight.

September 29, 1932 Thursday
Wedding anniversary 6 years. Went to Marjorie’s for supper. Mardie slept all the way to Mary’s. Marden stayed at Dispensary.

September 30, 1932 Friday
Went to Dis with Marden. Mardie stayed with Marjorie. Cold. We went to movies. Home by 7 o’clock.


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