Oct 26 to Nov 7 1932

October 26, 1932 Wednesday
Went out to Marjorie’s on the subway. Got Mardie and Gordon took me up to Westford. Good to see Mardie, Marden, and F.S.

October 27, 1932 Thursday
Had letter from Mary A and Andy wrestles in Lowell tonight the champion of [Dresden]. Chester, Marden and I went. Pretty rough stuff. Andy got [unreadable] for [unreadable].

October 28, 1932 Friday
Heard Pres Hoover [speak radio] tonight. I’m hoping [pds] hopes he wins.

October 29, 1932 Saturday
Made an apple [gratious] choc. pudding for dinner tonight. F.S. went to Lexington.

October 30, 1932 Sunday
Had a [ride] this after. Mardie went to S.S. A little boy with a mask scared Mardie.

October 31, 1932 Monday
Bought a Halloween cake from the [gabor]. F.S. made Mardie a jack o lantern. I made him a mask. Rained tonight.

November 1, 1932 Tuesday
Went to Boston. Saw Dr. Berke and Dr. [Rockford]. Went to [Met]. Went to Mary A’s. Saw Andy wrestle tonight at Boston [Garden]. Exciting!!

November 2, 1932 Wednesday
Made apple sauce. Wrote to father. I have encephalitis with Parkinsonian symptoms.

November 3, 1932 Thursday
Radio announced a heavy frost tonight, so F.S. had the wood [unreadable] fire in furnace. It feels good.

November 4, 1932 Friday
Heard Pres. Hoover speak over the radio. A great campaign[er]!

November 5, 1932 Saturday
Marden went to Lowell with Chester tonight and I went to bed at 8 and slept till 6.

November 6, 1932 Sunday
F.S. gone all day. He took the car to [Lincoln] and tehn a [unreadable] to Morton’s. We couldn’t take a ride. Was warm and sunny.

November 7, 1932 Monday
Final windup of both [unreadable] [unreadable]. Hope Hoover wins. Rained all day. Marden stayed home a little while this a. m.


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