Oct 14 to Oct 25 1932

October 14, 1932 Friday
Did odd jobs. Sent two dresses to cleaners. Our oil burner is coming in handy. It’s so cold.

October 15, 1932 Saturday
Smoked one cig. Tomorrow [unreadable] won’t smoke any. Trying to get fat. Prs. Hoover spoke over radio tonight.

October 16, 1932 Sunday
No cigs today. Pretty good, no? Mardie went to S.S. He’s growing!

October 17,1932 Monday
Marden and I went to Boston tonight. We left Mardie at Marjorie’s and Marden left me at the Adult Ward of the Dispensary.

October 18, 1932 Tuesday
Dr. [Coperandefero] gave me a basic metabolism this morning but it was normal. He took my history and [improvided] me with about 12 docs. there.

October 19, 1932 Wednesday
Dr. C. took my blood test and gave me a [biambars] [puratore]. I was scared to death. Have lots of [furnass] with Mrs. Moore and Miss [Shwarz].

October 20, 1932 Thursday
Had to lie flat on my side till 4:30am. 12 drs came around and talked me over. I have encephalitus with Parkinsonian symptoms.

October 21, 1932 Friday
Met Dr. Berke in hall today and he didn’t know I was in ward. They put electric current through my arm. Dr. B. said it couldn’t hurt.

October 22, 1932 Saturday
Dr. B. came to see me. Mrs. Moore and Miss [Shwarz] left today. Mrs. [Askzinias] and Mrs. [Macebinias] came in. I have had a terrific headache since Thursday night.

October 23, 1932 Sunday
Felt [lonesome] today. Didn’t see many docs. Still have my terrible headache. I’m going tomorrow.

October 24, 1932 Monday
Dr. C. and Dr. B. came to say goodbye. Polly drove me to Mary’s about 5 o’clock. Had cocktails before dinner.

October 25, 1932 Tuesday
I spent all day just lying around, reading [its is a sounds more incletricks] begin dinner.


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