Oct 1 to Oct 13 1932

September 31, 1932 (or October 1) Saturday
Awfully cold the past four days. 32° yesterday morn.

October 1 or 2, 1932 Sunday
Made apple sauce. Went with Mardie to school grounds. Yankees won World Series, 4 straight games. Mardie went to Sunday School for first time, Unitarian church.

October 3, 1932 Monday
Washed today. Cloudy at first but soon there was sunshine. Wrote to father.

October 4, 1932 Tuesday
Ironed. Not much to do. Letter from Aunt Viola. Wrote to Mary.

October 5, 1932 Wednesday
Big Lowell day Thurs., Fri., Sat. Music went by. We’re going to Boston instead. Wrote to Aunt V’a.

October 6, 1932 Thursday
Mary A. and Andy called on us tonight. Such a surprise! They live in Boston. Much fun to see them.

October 7, 1932 Friday
It’s cold as Greenland today. Put 3 quilts on us tonight. Reading Hindus “Humanity Uprooted”.

October 8, 1932 Saturday
Warmer today. Bought Mardie a truck and a store [can’t quite read it]. F.S. sick (?). Made a ginger bread upside down cake. Sick.

October 9, 1932 Sunday
Very warm today. Marden worked all day. Went to school grounds and took Mardie, Janice, and Barbara.

October 10, 1932 Monday
Went to Boston. Marden had X-ray. Went to Mary A’s for lunch. Andy took us to shop. Bot a new dress. Stayed all night at Mary R’s [or A’s].

October 11, 1932 Tuesday
Met Marden at [can’t make it out]. Came home. Man named Trapp put in oil burner, Good! Heard Coolidge over radio tonight.

October 12, 1932 Wednesday
Washed. Very cold!

October 13, 1932 Thursday
Ironed. Still cold. Went to library.


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