Nov 8 to Nov 20 1932

November 8, 1932 Tuesday
Roosevelt is elected but maybe good times will come anyway. Too bad for Walter Newton. Listened to radio.

November 9, 1932 Wednesday
Democrats won out everywhere yesterday. It rained all day today. Marden didn’t work.

November 10, 1932 Thursday
Rained all day today. Marden didn’t work. Had letter from Don. Big changes. Comrie and others let out. No overseers.

November 11, 1932 Friday
Armistus day but Marden worked. Nice day. Had letters from Polly and Mary A.

November 12, 1932 Saturday
Cloudy all day but warm. Colder tonight. Fire in furnace. Vera got long underwear for Mardie.

November 13, 1932 Sunday
Mary and Andy came out this after. Looked at [????]. Had tea and played bridge. Gordon, Marjorie and Marilyn came too.

November 14, 1932 Monday
Washed today and hung clothes on radiator. Wrote to dad and Mary A. Bought a [???] [???] a fruit cake.

November 15, 1932 Tuesday
Went to Boston. Saw Dr. Berke, Dr. Coperhofer, Dr. [???] Rowald. Took Mardie to the [???]. He liked it. Legaches.

November 16, 1932 Wednesday
Warm all day but below freezing everyplace else. Called on Vera but not home. She called on me yesterday. In Boston.

November 17, 1932 Thursday
Colder today. Freezing tonight.

November 18, 1932 Friday
Called on Vera today and had tea.

November 19, 1932 Saturday
F.S.’s birthday. Marjorie and Marilyn came and brought a birthday cake. Rained.

November 20, 1932 Sunday
Marden worked this morn. Went for a walk with Mardie, Janice, and Barbara. Cold today. Gordon stopped.


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