Nov 21 to Dec 3 1932

November 21, 1932 Monday
Cold!! R’cd a pair of lovely bedroom slippers for my birthday from dad.

November 22, 1932 Tuesday
Went to Tadmuck Club. Had a good time but didn’t think much of the program. Mrs. Derby is fine!

November 23, 1932 Wednesday
31 years old. Marden gave me a 20 ¢ candy bar tonight. I hate to be in the 30’s.

November 24, 1932 Thursday
Thanksgiving at Marjorie’s turkey and everything. Cousins, Morton, Bernice and Diane came. Diane and Marilyn awfully cute.

November 25, 1932 Friday
Warm all day today. Mardie and Tibby and I walked over to the automobile seat.

November 26, 1932 Saturday
Terribly cold tonight. Went down a degree every half hour. Had a letter from Don. Cyclone didn’t hit there.

November 27, 1932 Sunday
6 above this morning. Wind awfully strong. Marden up at 2 o’clock to keep fire up and thaw out water pipes.

November 28, 1932 Monday
12 above this morning. Wrote to father and Mary A. Vera and I going to get permanents.

November 29, 1932 Tuesday
Warmer today. Went to library this after.

November 30, 1932 Wednesday
Warmer today but strong wind. Walked with Mardie to the auto seat.

December 1, 1932 Thursday
Took a long walk with Mardie and Tibby today down through Derby’s land, across [???] and in a path through the woods.

December 2, 1932 Friday
Took our lovely walk this after.

December 3, 1932 Saturday
Marden and I and Vera and Chester went to Lowell tonight. Vera and I got a permanent. $ 3.80

  1. Mardé’s avatar

    Here’s my mother not liking being in her 30’s but enjoying walks with me and our cat Tibby. I vaguely remember the old automobile seat. She gets permanent wave with friend Vera. I’m not quite four years old.

    Diane and Marilyn awfully cute, she says. Marilyn succumbs to MS later in life. Diane is still going strong. The two cousins became jealous rivals as they grew up.


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