March 17 to Apr 2 1933

March 17, 1933 Friday
Very warm today. Snow melted a lot. Mardie played out with Janice and Barbara until Daddy came.

March 18, 1933 Saturday
Went down to Livingston Wright’s and he will take me to Boston on Monday. Vera says she will take care of Mardie.

March 19, 1933 Sunday
Rained and snowed. Mardie went to S.S. Was colder this after but got warmer tonight.

March 20, 1933 Monday
Livst. Wright drove me into Boston. Went to “Natick[?] Fair”, did shopping, stayed all night with Mary. Had cocktails[?].

March 21, 1933 Tuesday X
Polly took me to Disp. this morning. Saw Dr. Burke. Went to [?], did shopping. Came home on train and bus.

March 22, 1933 Wednesday
Good to be home with Mardie and Marden. Congress passed [?] bill. Have already passed Emergency bill[?].

March 23, 1933 Thursday
Good times are coming – maybe! We’re having a grand time being alone. Gave box of old clothes to Vera [Burnham].

March 24, 1933 Friday
F.S. came home today. Still has partial facial paralysis. Ear still aches a little.

March 25, 1933 Saturday
Warmer today and melted but we still have lots of snow. Janice and Barbar played with Mardie.

March 26, 1933 Sunday
Bear by Ap. 7 [?] Barbara was here all day. The men looked at the store. Colder.

March 27, 1933 Monday
Mardie fell and cut his nose terribly on his drain[?]. Another spring day. Washed, wrote to father, made apple sauce. Out doors a lot.

March 28, 1933 Tuesday
Went to Tadmuck club. Barclay talked on [?] and [?] schools. Mrs. Lambert gave a good talk and also R. Hildreth.

March 29, 1933 Wednesday
Cold today with a strong wind but Marden worked trimming trees. To bed early and wore new nightie.

March 30, 1933 Thursday
Quite cold today. Spring is slow in coming. Marden worked all day today and he talked [?] Mrs Grundy[?].

March 31, 1933 Friday
This was a real spring day. Just finished reading a true story of a Japanese girl. Good!

April 1, 1933 Saturday
Mardie had a great time fooling us all day. Marden fooled me the first thing. Rained all day and Marden didn’t work.

April 2, 1933 Sunday
The big boss of [Egertons?] store came out to look at F.S.’s store and plans[?] on joining[?] to move in after it is fixed up.


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