March 1 to 16 1933

March 1, 1933 Wednesday
F.S. groaning makes him [?] nervous. [?] over a week now. Dr. Blaney has come thrice.

March 2, 1933 Thursday
F.S. is still groaning and it is still snowing Ė all day. We have lots of snow now. Marden didnít work.

March 3, 1933 Friday
Snowed all day. Gordon came tonight and took F.S. to Lexington. He is going to see about his ear. Relief.

March 4, 1933 Saturday
Gordon came tonight and said F.S. had an abscess in his ear Ė went to Dis. Great relief around here.

March 5, 1933 Sunday
Mary and Polly came out this after. Mary worked a jigsaw puzzle. Had a good supper.

March 6, 1933 Monday
Still just my little family here. Mardie and I went sliding. Good crust on snow.

March 7, 1933 Tuesday
Francis and Janice came down this after and we stopped Barbara and went sliding. We all were tired.

March 8, 1933 Wednesday
It rained and snowed all day today and Marden didnít work.

March 9, 1933 Thursday
Marden worked this morn but it got too cold to trim trees later. Strong wind. F.S. still gone.

March 10, 1933 Friday
Walked around the common this after and it was terrifically cold. Not very cold tonight. Marden didnít work.

March 11, 1933 Saturday
Wind stopped tonight. Gordon came and said F.S. is still suffering. Chester came and we had good talk.

March 12, 1933 Sunday
Went sliding this after but crust wasnít hard enough. Marden went to Laymenís League. Heard [?] on [?].

March 13, 1933 Monday
Snowed and rained. Marden didnít work. I washed. Read Marden a book on [Japan] tonight.

March 14, 1933 Tuesday
Snow melted Ė lots of slush. Livingston and Frances came to see us tonight. Talk of foreign [?]. [Note: This might be Livingston Wright. I remember hearing that name.]

March 15, 1933 Wednesday
Melted this after and ice freezing the trees. Marden didnít work yesterday or today.

March 16, 1933 Thursday
Strong wind but Marden worked all day. Mardie played out with Janice and Barbara til 5:00.


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