Jan 6 to Jan 19 1933

January 6, 1933 Friday
Still warm. Not much like Minn. Weather.

January 7, 1933 Saturday
Marden worked a full week. Three cheers. Tibby smelled rats in the chimney.

January 8, 1933 Sunday
Mardie went to S.S. This after we took a walk in the woods. F.S. went to [Concord?] tonight.

January 9, 1933 Monday
F.S. went to Morton’s to stay a week. Marjorie came after him. Much snow today. Mardie liked it.

January 10, 1933 Tuesday
Alone with Mardie all day. Glorious! Above 30. 36 when we went to bed. Snow will soon be gone.

January 11, 1933 Wednesday
Marden stayed home today. Warm all day and snow is melting fast. Mardie had a package from Grandpa H.

January 12, 1933 Thursday
Mardie is 4 years old. He had a lovely [illegible illegible] from Father, a [illegible] from [illegible], and a big [illegible] from [illegible].

January 13, 1933 Friday
Cold today. 13! I had to put wood in furnace. Marden ordered coal today. I had bad headache all day.

January 14, 1933 Saturday
Still cold. 20. I sat on the [illegible] with Tibby beside me all evening.

January 15, 1933 Sunday
X We three went for a walk to the auto seat this after with Tibby. Awfully tired. Gordon stopped in.

January 16, 1933 Monday
Went to auto seat with Mardie and Tibby. Had oyster stew for supper. F.S. isn’t home yet.

January 17, 1933 Tuesday
Got a ride into Boston with [illegible], Mardie and I. Saw Dr. Burke. Ate lunch at Mary’s. Went to Bijou.

January 18, 1933 Wednesday
Went to Marcia’s for lunch. Mardie good. Got Horace and they took us home. Polly came tonight. Had cocktails and played bridge.

January 19, 1933 Thursday
Went down to[?] this a.m. Met Polly and saw Eddie Cantor in Kid from [?]. Dot made a good supper. She’s happy.


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