Jan 20 to Feb 12 1933

January 20, 1933 Friday
Went to Bijou A.M. Saw Sadie Thompson. Came home on train and bus. [can’t make it out]

January 21, 1933 Saturday
Lots of work to do after being away. Marden is burning coal now and the [?] he [?] is $10.

January 22, 1933 Sunday
Rained all day today so we couldn’t go out at all. Had chicken salad and ambrosia and cocoa for supper.

January 23, 1933 Monday
Washed today. Wrote to Father. Warm. 50° this a. m.

January 24, 1933 Tuesday
Went to Tadmuck Club. Heard Miss Drew talk on “My Trip to the West”. Lantern slides. Amusing.

January 25, 1933 Wednesday
Still warm but it was a little colder tonight. Mended all a.m. Mardie had a nap.

January 26, 1933 Thursday
Not very cold today. This is a warm winter. Marden went to wrestling in Lowell with Phil. [Prescott, probably]

January 27, 1933 Friday
Little snow last night. Put on my boots and took Mardie out. Walked in the woods. Tibby came back this morn.

January 28, 1933 Saturday
Baker has been sick so a strange man came. Quite a cold wind. Northeastern, Marden worked a full week.

January 29, 1933 Sunday
Lots of [??]. Mardie and I walked against a terrific wind to the woods. Coming back sleet.

January 30, 1933 Monday
Wind went down some tonight. Marjorie and Marilyn came today. Marilyn is a darling baby. is pretty.

January 31, 1933 Tuesday
Just like spring. This is a warm winter. Letter from Don last night. He’s having a good? time.

February 1, 1933 Wednesday
I feel better all the time. Marden mixed up some cookies for me to make tomorrow.

February 2, 1933 Thursday
50° this a.m. Mardie wore the little jacket Father gave him for Xmas this p.m. Colder tonight but not cold.

February 3, 1933 Friday
Went to woods with Mardie and Tibby and got lost. Finally came out on Graniteville road. Went around in circles but followed stream.

February 4, 1933 Saturday
Bill Hunt likes to wait on me at Austin’s. Edna asked me why Mardie didn’t come to S.S. Saw Mrs. [?].

February 5, 1933 Sunday
Cold today. Mardie and Tibby and I walked to the auto seat. Too cold for the woods. Gordon came tonight.

February 6, 1933 Monday
6 above. Cold water turned off last night but the drains froze. We three walked to the woods just the same.

February 7, 1933 Tuesday
Warm as toast today. Sun came out.

February 8, 1933 Wednesday
Up above 50° but it went down to 40° in nite with strong winds. Went to party at Mrs. Forsley’s(?) but was [unintelligible].

February 9, 1933 Thursday
Mardie was hoarse and had a croupy cough tonight so I put on lots of vapor rub.

February 10, 1933 Friday
Mardie much better this morn. H slept till 9 o’clock. Put on more vapor rub. Cold wave.

February 11, 1933 Saturday
Snowed awful lot today. Drifts 3 feet high. Mardie still has cough so went to library alone.

February 12, 1933 Sunday
Mardie has a bad cough. Took him out for about a half hour. Played with Janice and Barbara.

  1. wrestling videos’s avatar

    6 above. Cold water turned off last night but the drains froze. We three walked to the woods just the same.

  2. Mardé’s avatar

    OK, wrestling videos, what’s the point of copying my mother’s diary entry for February 6, 1933, onto a comment other than to sneak in an advert link for wrestling videos?

    The three who walked in the woods were my mother, cat Tibby, and me. We must have bundled up.


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